Why Does My Adams Apple Hurt?

Why is my Adam’s apple painful? Stay tuned because today I’m going to answer that question.

Adam’s Apple is also known as the thyroid cartilage. It’s the largest and most noticeable larynx cartridge that protrudes forwards forming an easy to see a bulge at your neck’s front.

When swallowing the bulge moves up and down. When you put your fingers on your throat and try humming, you will feel vibrations of your vocal cords.

One of the reasons why the Adam’s apple is associated with men is that it tends to be enlarged in males.


Reasons Why My Adams Apple Hurts

It is also considered as one of the secondary sex characteristics together with pubic and facial hair. A larger larynx often causes men to have a deeper voice than women. However, it is good to note that even women also have thyroid cartilage although it is smaller making it hard to recognize.

For most people, the Adam apple is not troublesome although sometimes it becomes tender to touch, painful and even make swallowing difficulty. Let us look at some of the main causes of pain in Adam’s apple.

What Causes Pain to Adam’s Apple?

Well, although Adam’s apple pain may arise because of a variety of problems, most of these problems are not life threatening. One of the most common ones is a sore throat. Some of the other causes include stress or tension of muscles around the areas, which often occur from a sporting injury.

Additionally, since the thyroid is close to the Adam’s apple inflammation of the thyroid can feel as if the thyroid cartilage is in pain.

3d illustration Adams Apple
3d illustration Adams Apple

Another cause that can causes considerable pain in Adam’s apple is Acid reflux. In the situation of Acid Reflux, the belly acid gets caught in the esophagus, and this may cause swelling of the gullet in an area that is close to the thyroid cartilage.

This may make you feel a burning pain that feels that it is coming from the thyroid cartilage.

Stress is also another driving force that can make you feel the pain in the Adam’s apple. Although this doesn’t affect you directly, stress is known to cause acid reflux. With the acid reflux, it can lead to the development of a lump on the throat, causing your Adam’s apple to pain.

Remember, stress also increase the production of stomach acids(1) worsening the situation. Living an active lifestyle and managing stress can help you in preventing acid reflux. As a result, if the main cause of a sore throat was because of acid reflux it means that the pain will clear once the acid reflux is not produced.

Why Do I have Pain in my Adams Apple?

Some of the other problems (although rare) that contributes to Adam’s apple pain includes having a small tumor or cyst on the thyroid cartilage or a cyst on your vocal cords. Besides, there are other instances where thyroid cancer can be the cause of the pain in that area.

Some of the common symptoms of a thyroid cancer may include a bulge under the Adam’s apple, coughing blood, difficulty in when swallowing food, weight loss, hoarse voice and sometimes pain on the jaw or ear. When you have any of the signs of the thyroid cancer or any pain that is accompanied by red patches of the area or fever, you should consult your doctor immediately.

How to Deal with the Adam’s Apple Pain

In some cases, it is easy to treat the pain using home remedies. Taking home remedies can help in alleviating the pain especially it is caused by bad colds, which resulted in a sore throat. Additionally, taking these remedies can help you in clearing acid reflux which may also lead to pain in that area. Let us look at some of the tips that can help you in dealing with a painful Adam’s apple.

  • Gaggling salty water can help in alleviating the pin especially if you are suffering from a bad cold or upper respiratory infection.
  • Taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs may also play a major role in reducing the pain especially if there the area near the Adam’s apple was traumatized.
  • You can also pick a warm damp cloth and compress on the throat. Doing these several, times in a day can also help in easing the pain

If you suffer from acid reflux, you should eat food more than two hours before lying on your bed. You should also keep away from some of the things that may trigger acid reflux. This includes things such as spicy foods and alcohol. Controlling your stress can also reduce the acid reflux. If you find that the acid reflux hard to control even after following these tips, you should consult your doctor who can prescribe some medication to take care of it.

Thyroid Glands Inflamed

On the other hand, if it the thyroid glands that are inflamed(2), talking to a doctor is essential. These doctors will prescribe you medications that ease the inflammation, relieving the pain. If the medications do not help and find that the tonsil continue to cause enlarged lymph nodes or you have tonsil issues for long you can talk to your doctor regarding their removal. Tonsillectomy is a safe procedure that removes the tonsils meaning that you will never have to deal with enlarged lymph nodes.

Avoiding spicy and cold drinks also helps in reducing the inflammation. Instead, you should consume plenty of liquids.

Besides, you can prepare an effective home sore throat remedy. Some of the home remedies include drinking warm water with one tablespoon of apple cider, eating honey, combining it with vinegar to sooth the throat, or taking lemon water.


Last Few words. Today there are many people suffering from this pain. So, in case you find out your throat is in pain you are not alone. As mentioned earlier, your Adam’s apple may pain for a variety of reason. However, we have seen that the most common issues are not serious and can be treated with ease.

If you have a sore throat or bad cold, preparing the home remedies can help you in clearing the pain with ease. When you have tried these remedies and still find the throat still in pain, you should consult your doctor. The doctor will prescribe you the medication to deal with some of the underlying conditions that may cause Pain to your Adam’s apple.

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