What To Consider when Buying a Cooling Pillow

Today you will learn the Key Attributes to Consider when Buying a Cooling Pillow.

Today you will discover how to choose the best cooling pillow for a goodnight and dry sleep.

Night sweat leads to lack of sleep, tiredness and eventually migraines and a weak immune system.

Does lack of sleep due to excessive sweat sound familiar? There are solutions to this health concern. One of them is finding the best cooling pillow for your needs.


However, you should acknowledge that a product works best if it’s in line with your expectations. Here are 5 key attributes that the best cooling pillow for you should have. Feel free to consider the product which best matches your needs!

Breathable Materials

Breathable Materials

Not pillows are created equal, although most of them are comfortable. Therefore, the cooling pillow should be versatile to fit your needs and the environment. Cooling pillows keep your temperature optimal, but they shouldn’t feel too chilly. The product adapts to the room you sleep in, instead of otherwise.

Materials which are well-ventilated promote unlimited air circulation. Hence, they prevent stifling air accumulation inside the pillow. They leave you a cool feeling during sleeping hours. You can search for material information of the best cooling pillows from breathable materials on this website and other specialized sources.

Best reviewed: The SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow is the best-ranked product of its kind. The pillow has an 100% cotton cover which allows air to flow inside and outside of the memory foam. Also, the memory foam is visco-elastic which makes it ideal for side sleepers. However, the pillow comes in three shapes and sizes – Contour, Standard and Gusseted Side Sleeper.

Gel or Water?

Gel or Water?

Cooling pillows which contain gel or water keep a stable room temperature when not in use. Once you get to sleep, they use the conduction principle to absorbs heat from your head and neck. It is a matter of choice whether you prefer gel or water-based cooling pillows. However, gel pillows imply less sensitivity and, consequently, allow you a carefree sleep.

Gel and water-based pillows are comfortable and adjustable as they usually have a cover from a soft material. Such pillows are practical if you’re traveling or residing in a state which has average hot temperatures.

Best reviewed: The Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow is balanced and has two sleeping surfaces. The cool gel side can rest your head during sizzling summer nights. Meanwhile, the memory foam side is more balanced and is optimal for cool nights. The cooling system includes holes that support air flow for back, stomach and side sleepers.

Therapeutic Effect

Therapeutic Effect

It may come difficult to choose the best cooling pillow if you’re allergic to some substances and materials. Regular back pain can make this choice even more demanding. However, there are products which have a therapeutic effect due to a balance between firmness and comfort. Contoured pillows support your head, neck and shoulders by maintaining a spinal alignment.

Cooling pillows differ from regular ones, so you will need to find their therapeutic effect based on different criteria. Memory foam contour pillows usually provide firm support to avoid additional stiff neck issues. Many of them are also available in hypoallergenic version.

Best reviewed: PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow is hypoallergenic and free of phthalates, BPA, lead and latex. Customers without allergies but with sensitive skin can also choose it for a safe sleep. The pillow cover is from cotton. Manufacturers mention that you can toss it in the washing machine.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

It may seem redundant, but cooling pillows help you sleep if you keep them maintained. Maintenance guidelines sometimes cause problems. There are many materials with unique characteristics that need to be carefully maintained. Otherwise, you risk having a smelly pillow which can develop fungus or bacteria.

Maintenance guidelines determine your washing routine and most convenient cleaning time. You can occasionally air the pillow for additional effects. Don’t care for the pillow without reading its instructions, as most of gel-based products require hand washing.

Best reviewed: The Relax Home Life Reversible Memory Foam Stay Cool Pillow has a convenient price-to-quality balance and provides a thorough set of instructions. By following them, customers extend the pillow’s life. The pillow provides a restful sleep by dispersing body heat and allowing your body to lie on the bed pressure-fee.

Sleeping Style

Sleeping Style

You may be a stomach, side or back sleeper. The best cooling pillow needs to provide you with comfortable support for your specific style. Sleeping habit includes choice criteria such as pillow firmness, tension and material density.

You should consider very firm pillows if you’re a side sleeper. Medium pillows are suitable for back sleepers, while stomach sleeping enthusiasts need soft pillows for light neck support. The pillow which matches your sleeping style supports your neck and spine, so that you can avoid back pain.

Best reviewed: The Z Convolution Gel-Infused Dough Memory Foam Core Pillow that is designed to support all sleeping levels and styles. You can choose the flat side for firm support, the gel support or the removable feather-soft surface. Also, you can change your preferences over time.

The Best Cooling Pillow for You

Sleeping well is essential for daily performance, as a study on medicine students has shown. The best cooling pillow might be the therapeutic tool you need to protect your life and work. Make sure that you consider the right pillow wisely and don’t fall into bargains of unreviewed products. You will sleep on your pillow at home, take it on travels and even when you go visit your family.

The pillow is both a necessity and a support.

Choosing a pillow might take a while, due to all the criteria you must decide upon. However, some pillows come with 3-year or even lifetime warranties. Therefore, finding the best cooling pillow is a long-term investment. You will also need a bit of patience as most pillows usually have a fresh foam smell. This odor is natural and completely vanishes after 72 hours.

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