Weight Management Through Wellness

Weight Management Through Wellness: Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle Doesn’t Need to Hurt.

Does it seem like you need be uncomfortable to be healthy?

Many people believe good health equates to going hungry and enduring exercises that make their bodies hurt.

The truth is, a great wellness plan actually feels good! If you’ve been looking toward becoming healthier, here’s how to change your perspective and your lifestyle to embrace good health.


Fitness That Works

Trying to find an exercise program that fits into your lifestyle isn’t as hard as it sounds. Many people overthink it – they feel it’s necessary to spend far more time and energy exercising than they need to Finding a successful beginner’s fitness plan is actually very simple.

Look for activities you enjoy and look forward to doing, and do a little every day.

As your fitness improves, do more. Workouts that turn exercise into a chore don’t work! Always opt for things you can enjoy and you’ll be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Workout Components

Ideally you will participate in both strength training and cardiovascular training. One builds your muscles and one builds your endurance. Strength training can be things like sit ups, squats, resistance bands and weight lifting.

Cardio exercise includes things like swimming, dancing and walking. Again, don’t overthink it! Make your workout part of your daily life instead of making your life revolve around your workout.

Changing Perspective

Look for ways to incorporate an exercise routine into your lifestyle. Some days, your workout can be vigorous house cleaning. Other days, you can take playing with the dog to a new level. When you’re working in the garden, amp it up!

Approach daily activities with an attitude of making them healthy and fun. And make sure you get plenty of rest — it’s a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and will help you maintain energy and health.

Healthy Eating Habits

The expression “garbage in, garbage out” applies to more than technology. Without good nutrition, your body won’t be able to be fit or healthy and you won’t feel good. If you’re thinking you don’t have time to mess with it, think again! Self magazine offers some terrific tips for a healthy diet that’s convenient and satisfying:

  • Don’t keep junk foods in your house — they’re too tempting!
  • Prepare healthy snacks in advance so you don’t have to scrounge up something when you’re “hangry.”
  • Buy healthy foods already cut up — it’ll save you time and is convenient.
  • Eat breakfast daily — starting out with something good in your tummy will help you fend off cravings.

Linked Concerns

According to the Canadian Obesity Network, there are two issues that go hand-in-hand: mental illness and obesity. If you suffer with one you are inclined to suffer with the other.

Not everyone who has obesity also has mental illness, but the two concerns are linked.

Those with mental health issues are two to three times more likely to suffer with obesity, and those who have obesity are 30 percent more likely to suffer with mental health issues. If you suffer with both conditions, you must engage a balanced treatment program that addresses both issues in order to see success.

When to see a pro

There are a few professionals that can help you in your quest for wellness.

Your primary care physician can advise you on your workout and eating habits.
A counselor or therapist can help you with any mental health concerns.
If you are extremely obese a bariatric surgeon can help set you up for success.
A personal trainer can assist you in developing your form so you don’t hurt yourself doing exercises incorrectly.

Wellness feels good!

Find a fitness program you enjoy and work it into your lifestyle. Feed your body good nutrition that’s convenient. Treat any mental health concerns, and connect with a professional when you need help regarding any facet of your new lifestyle. Becoming a healthy person doesn’t mean going hungry or hurting all the time — it means feeling good and being happy!

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