10 Ways to De-Stress Yourself

Today we have a interesting article from Catriona Jasica on 10 Ways to De-Stress Yourself!

Living in the 21st century implies abiding by the stress-over-office-routine code.

If you are one of those workaholic, university-going students, you already know how debilitating it can get for one to both work and study—not to mention the non-academic responsibilities one has to dedicate oneself to.

In all of this chaotic back-and-forth between worlds, you are highly likely to have yourself undergo a lot of stress.


Your Ten-step De-stress Guide


Does this mean your life is over? Well, I hate to break it to you but… it kind of does.
However, not all hope is lost. It turns out you can de-stress immediately after your office routine has rendered you hopelessly tired. Down below is a ten-step, miniscule guide that you can easily follow to be your usual rockstar-self every day—possibly even more!

1. Walking


Science doesn’t lie. Studies suggest that walking calms the mind and unwinds convoluted (not actually convoluted—you get it, right?) muscles and helps you relax. It gets your juices going and boost up activity in both sides of the brain, stimulating creative output.

A fifteen minute walk in a nice and quiet setting, either in the morning or whenever the weather has that ambience your nerves like, is perfect for de-stressing after your office routine.

2. Listening to Music


They say good music not only soothes an erratic soul, but also helps one de-stress. There is a lot of endorphin release when music is involved and being able to relate to the sound and the lyrics substantially improve your mood.

Always carry your favorite music with you!

3. Watching Your Favorite Comedy

You already must be an F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatic or you’re either into the latest sit-coms. Our brain kind of repeats the patterns it is fed the most. Laughing during binge-watching your favorite comedy after your office routine will trick your brain into remembering that feeling and you will have de-stressed without even finding out.

I recommend 2 Broke Girls which you can easily watch the entire series on top online sites available at TopVouchersCode.co.uk at a reasonable rate.

4. Meditating


Zen Buddhists and those who follow their teachings claim meditating has helped them more as compared to actual medicine.

Go to your happy place (this must also be quiet), and meditate for about ten to fifteen minutes to unwind and de-stress. There are a lot of popular tutorials on YouTube for you to follow for guidance.

5. Hydrotherapy

As soon as cold water falls right in the center of your head, or somewhere close enough, your brain releases something called a “creativity hormone.” This has also been mentioned above. The endorphins that later venture throughout your circulatory system help you a great deal in de-stressing and freshening up.

6. Reading


This one is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, being able to focus on the words of and losing yourself in a good story will put stressful thinking on hold. After some time has passed, you will notice positivity running its course through you and you will have successfully de-stressed.

Avoid e-readers. Some recommended genres are thrillers, crime, YAs and coming-of-age books, and dystopian fictions.

7. De-Stressing Affirmations

Repetition, again, fools the brain into believing that which is skeptical at best. Practice your affirmations during driving to and from work. Fake them all till you become them all.

8. Outdoor Sports


Wall-climbing and other similarly exhilarating kinds of sports will help burn calories and release pent up energy; in other words, it’s a perfect way for de-stressing after your office routine.

We recommend signing up for a weekend of fun with your best people.

9. Cooking and Baking


They teach coping with stress and loss through comfort food in the west. Baked goods do more than rejuvenating your sweet-tooth. All you need is the right kind of equipment and loads of love.

10. Bullet Journaling

Last but not the least comes journaling. Bullet journaling, in particular, is a much faster way of recording the day’s events than your average journaling. You can get all creative and even doodle away your stress.

There are a lot of good Instragram accounts and people on Pinterest that can give you a pretty good idea of how bullet-journaling is done.


The corporate world isn’t that bad a horror show than is being showcased. You can always unwind/de-stress in the most innovative ways and be ready for the next day. Meditating, reading, and listening to music—to list a few—are some of the inventive ways of de-stressing after work, school, and whatnot.

Author Bio: Catriona Jasica, I love to analyze things and to write about them. Just love reading books, traveling and movies which is basically my ultimate inspiration for writing different kinds of blogs. I find all these things very interesting and always eager to share my views with other people. You can find my other blogs at Top Vouchers Code.

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