Vitamin k For Dark Circles [Does It Really Work?]

Today you will discover if Vitamin K Reduce the Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Development of dark circles around the eyes is not a good sign especially if you are young. The dark circles under eyes will not only make your youthful glow disappear but also make you look very old.

The dark circles are not only a common phenomenon in the older generation but can also affect people in their late twenties.

We don’t refute that you will experience this dark spot once in your life as they are a common sign to indicate old age but nobody would want to look tired or sick.


However, what is the best solution to get rid of these dark circles?

Well, a concealer will do a good job to restore the youthful glow that you have always loved. However, the makeup will not eradicate the problem completely. In fact, the makeup will only give a fresh face from a distance but in reality, the old skin lies beneath.

If you remove the makeup, you will find the ugly and annoying dark circles that you have always hated. Therefore, what is the remedy that will eradicate this condition completely?

Causes of the Dark Circles under Our Eyes?

dark circles under your eyesToday there are hundreds of thousands of product that promise you to get rid of the dark under eye circle with vitamin K being one of them.

Today we are going to examine the vitamin K and let you know whether it is effective in getting rid of this condition.


Before we can look at how the Vitamin K will help you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, let us look at some of the reason that this condition arises from the first instance.

Honestly, there are various reasons that make this condition develop.

First, we have lack of sleep, which will resolve by its own when you have enough, and quality sleep. Unhealthy lifestyle will also play a major role in developing these conditions. This includes things like smoking excess smoke, drug use, and abuse of alcohol as well as unhealthy diet.

The Physiology of Dark Under-Eye Circles

Contrary to what may people believe, the appearance of under eye dark circles may not be necessary because of dark circles? Interestingly, this may also be caused by the shades of puffy eyelids. The structure and shape of the eyes also contribute to the appearance of the dark circles. Simple aging, allergies, as well as other eye issues also cause eye puffiness shadows.

According to doctors, the true under eye circles are caused by an insufficient flow of blood to the area under your eyes. The research also found the dark circle is often rampant in people who have increased melanin production. For those who do not know melanin is the substance that is responsible for pigmentation of the skin(1).

Another thing to note is that the dark circles under your skin don’t necessarily mean that it will amount to bruises. However, the skin under the eyes is usually sensitive, thin and easily damaged. So constant rubbing of this area may cause bruising that may result in unsightly dark circles.

As mentioned earlier, the primary reason for this guide is to help you remove the condition permanently. Let us look at how vitamin K will help you do this.

However, Exactly What is Vitamin K?

You can get this fat-soluble vitamin from a variety of foods. The best thing about this vitamin is that it is fat-soluble. This means that our body can store it for later use. The name Vitamin K arises from coagulation, which is a German name.

The human body has the ability to synthesize the Vitamin K through the help of the bacteria in our stomach.

Another great thing about the Vitamin K is that it comes from both animals and plants. This means that even pure vegetarians can get this vitamin without having to consume meat products.

Importance of Vitamin K in the Body

vitamin k infographic

Also known as, the clotting vitamin, this vitamin plays an important role in the blood clotting as well as regulating bleeding. Having sufficient levels of this vitamin plays a major role in preventing bruising and excessive bleeding which may cause dark circles.

Skin Bruising

The vitamin will play a key role in the health of the bones. This is because it will help in the osteocalcin(2), which is important healing of bones. Research shows that low levels of vitamin K is directly related to a low bone density which may lead to fragility. This is why doctor’s advice taking of the vitamin K supplements especially to people with low bone density.

The vitamin also plays a key role in the development of general cellular health. In fact, this vitamin was found to be very helpful in the neurological system. Additionally, this vitamin is also needed in synthesize of the Gas6 protein(3), which helps maintain proper functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamin K Deficiency

The deficiency of the Vitamin K is rare since it is found in a variety of food sources. However, this deficiency can occur especially in the individuals who have problems in absorbing various vitamins. Some of the issues that cause this condition include problems in the intestines, alcohol use, medications that cause absorption interference as well as nourishment.

You can get sufficient vitamin K by consuming plenty of meat, vegetables, soy, beans, pumpkins, strawberries, and herbs. If you would want to know how to get sufficient levels of this vitamin, you can also talk to your doctor or nutritionist.

So how will this vitamin help you in getting rid of the dark circles

As mentioned, the primary role that this vitamin plays in preventing bruising and blood clotting will help in eradicating the dark circles under your eyes especially its results because of interruption of blood flow to the areas affected.

Also known as, various things cause homeostasis, interruption of blood flow to certain areas. However, this is something that is common to our body working mechanism especially if there is something wrong. Some of the things that may contribute to this condition are excessive smoking. This can lead to interruption of blood flow as well as damaged blood vessels.

Using Vitamin K for Dark Circles

We have a variety of Vitamin K creams that you can purchase over the counter. Since most of these products have no FDA regulation, it is a great idea to go for ideas that have the USP certification. This will ensure that you will get a vitamin that is pure and effective.

This short video shows you How to Take Vitamin K for Dark Circles.

For individuals who would want to take a more natural approach to the use of the vitamin K in getting rid of the dark under eye circles, you should go for the products that contain no artificial ingredients.

This is great especially if you have sensitive issues with other creams.

For instance, pumpkins contain rich sources of vitamin A, Vitamin K, and vitamin C, which are crucial to getting rid of the dark circles. Similar to the way you put the cumbers slices over your eyes, placing the pumpkin slices will help you get these vitamins.

Doing this will help reduce the swelling and puffiness of the eyes, eliminating the dark shadows. In addition, using warm compresses will help in stimulating the blood flow in these areas eliminating the dark circles.

Will Dietary Vitamin K Help

Although there are no studies that show the effectiveness of the dietary vitamin K, doctors believe that it will help in eliminating the dark circles. As mentioned earlier, the vitamin K will help in overall blood circulation eliminating the puffy eyes.

Additionally consuming the foods that are rich sources of vitamin C, vitamin K, Vitamin A and vitamin E will do a lot good to your skin health.

This means if you take the required levels of these vitamins, you are likely to have any issue relating to your skin. In addition, you also need to keep your body well hydrated to ensure that you have a youthful and beautiful skin.

Uses of Vitamin K and other Vitamins that can Help in Boosting your Skin Health

Besides being actively involved in the improvement of your skin, vitamin K is also useful in speeding the healing of injuries, removing the spider veins, healing of bruises as well as eliminating stretch marks.

Some of the other vitamins that will boost the effectiveness of the vitamin K in the elimination of the dark circles include vitamin C; vitamin A as well as Vitamin E. ensuring that you have received enough levels of the above-mentioned vitamins will help you to have a gorgeous skin that you have always loved.

Over the Counter Products, that Contains Vitamin K

Skin Cream

Cytocare Intensive Brightening Cream

This is an effective product that you can find online that will offer you with sufficient vitamin K to help get rid of the dark circles. Although this is a luxurious product that makes you dig deeper into your pockets, it does a great job in solving this problem.

Simply Dana’s Eye Restoration Cream

If you are looking for the most affordable cream that has Vitamin K and other ingredients that helps boost your skin health, you should go for this model. It is a great starting point especially if you would want to investigate the effectiveness of the vitamin K on the overall improvement of your skin.

Seybelle’s products

These products will offer you with a great mix of indulgence and value. This product offers you with quality ingredients that have scientific backing to offer you with skin that is more vibrant.

Side Effects of Vitamin K

One of the reasons why the Vitamin K is not used as a supplement is that we really do not need it. As mentioned, earlier this vitamin is available as a fat-soluble vitamin. This means that the body can store it and synthesize it when it needs it.

One of the primary risks of using an excessive amount of this vitamin is that it causes drug interaction, which is very harmful. The vitamin acts by providing the blood clotting function with vitamin k. if there is supplementation of the vitamin K while you are taking medications with anticoagulants the vitamin can lower the effectiveness of this medication in dealing with the problem you may be having.

Last but not the least, use of the excessive vitamin K especially when you are pregnant may also cause jaundice to the newborn child. For this reason, expectant mothers should never take Vitamin K supplement unless directed by a doctor.


As you can see there is a lot of scientific backing that shoes the effectiveness of the vitamin K in helping you get rid of the under eye dark circles. The best thing about this product is that you will get it from foods you eat daily.

Additionally, it is a fat-soluble vitamin that is synthesized when the body needs it.

Besides, you can also find it in creams that combine other vitamins that help you clear the dark circles finally. What’s more, unlike other untested beauty products that promise to offer the best performance, you can be sure to get the results you need from this vitamin that has scientific backing. Best of luck!

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