Aging Awareness [4 Types of Skin Irritations to Look out for]

Aging Awareness and the 4 Types of Skin Irritations to Look out for!

While many people claim that age is simply a state of mind, the cells in our body aren’t aware of this lovely adage.

Regardless of how young or old we feel, our skin will succumb to the hands of time just as nature intended.

Here are some common skin irritations to look for as you begin to climb the proverbial hill.


Lesions and Tumors

Some skin irritations you may begin to notice as you age are rough patches of skin that can become lesions or even tumors. While this can be alarming, it’s important not to overreact to the discovery of one these blemishes. Instead, seek out a professional dermatologist who can examine your lesion or tumor and perform a biopsy to find out if it’s benign or a melanoma. Melanomas can begin as blemishes that resemble moles but will begin to change in shape, size, and color.


Everyone dreads the formation of wrinkles, but they are an unfortunate inevitability. While some causes of wrinkles are beyond your control, such as genetics, there are other factors which are completely under your control.

Diet, exercise, smoking, and excessive tanning are all factors that you can control to help slow the formation of wrinkles.

You may begin to notice a few fine lines once you hit your 20s, but the deeper, more visible wrinkles can begin forming as early as your 30s depending on your lifestyle choices.


Aging affects every single cell, organ, and tissue in our bodies on some level. This is never more evident than when you begin to notice bruising on your skin that formed from seemingly no reason at all. These bruises form because as you age, your blood vessel walls become thinner. This makes them easier to damage and leak blood, which is essentially the definition of a bruise.

Even the slightest nudge or pressure can cause bruising as you age.

Be very careful with yourself if you begin to notice that you’re bruising more easily.


Seemingly pulled directly from a horror movie, your skin will begin to become more translucent. This means that your blood vessels and veins will become more easily visible as you age. This is due to the epidermis layer of your skin becoming thinner due to cell degradation induced by aging.


Although aging cannot be stopped, it can be slowed. Should you find that your skin is showing any of these signs of aging, speak to a dermatologist such as Asheboro Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center to discover any options that are available to help slow the hands of time.

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