Turmeric for High Cholesterol

Today you will discover turmeric for high cholesterol and why it works. Turmeric has become a more popular alternative for your health needs as of late. What is it? It is a herb that is native to Indonesia as well as India. Turmeric is found in the root of the plant know as Curcuma longa. It is a heart healthy herb that will promote lower cholesterol. In 1971 Indian researchers have found it to have anti-inflammatory properties.

It appears that the benefits will far exceed the goal of lowering cholesterol and is well worth the investment. Turmeric extract will promote normalized blood pressure. Is it the best solution for your high cholesterol? After reading up on turmeric health benefits, it seems that it has far too many benefits to ignore. If you try turmeric and it lowers your cholesterol, then why not promote overall health benefits without any risk.

Are There Other Products That Compare to Turmeric?

Yes, but none that compare to the many well-rounded benefits of Turmeric. Some people take kyolic garlic to promote lower cholesterol, but they have to be careful of their blood pressure as well. On the other hand, tumeric will not increase your blood pressure and will actually prevent strokes, and heart related issues. Lecithin can also be used to lower cholesterol and promote good heart health. Others decide to use a calcium and magnesium combination. Some continue to use their fish oils in order to decrease bad cholesterol levels. If you have tried any of those remedies, then it’s time to give turmeric curcumin a chance.


Where Do I Get Turmeric? How much do I take?

You can get your turmeric at wonder laboratories online. Their product is 95% standardized curcumin. Importantly, curcumin is the most active and important ingredient that you want at a high dose (around 300 to 400 mg) as well as close to 100% standardized product. Directions suggest taking one tablet three times daily after meals. GNC, is another place to go to get your turmeric spice. It has an even higher does per tablet. Also, it comes 95% standardized as well!. Whether buying from a gnc.com or wonderlaboratories.com it is important to understand that we are not intending to diagnose or treat your high cholesterol, but solely to offer suggestions in order to promote your everyday health.

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