How to Take Back Control of Your Life After an Injury

When you’re recovering from an injury, it can seem like a helpless and hopeless situation, but not all is lost. You can take back control of your life in a healthy, positive way through these steps.

When a person is injured, the trauma of the event can take a heavy psychological and emotional toll.

The shock of losing control and one’s sense of self after an injury can be devastating. Add to that the pain and potential disability (whether temporary or permanent) that comes with a serious injury, and you have a potentially life-changing situation.

Ultimately, it’s important to know you can take control of your life again, even after enduring a devastating experience that’s left you feeling hopeless and helpless. Here are some steps you can use to redirect your life and come back in a positive, healthy way.



After an injury, it’s very important to go through physical rehabilitation. Luckily, today there are many skilled rehab professionals available who offer physical therapy techniques that can strengthen injured areas and improve flexibility.

Some people may need to continue physical therapy sessions on an ongoing basis, either in a clinic or at home.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to do whatever is needed to continue strengthening their muscles. This will help you recover as much as possible, and will greatly benefit you both physically and psychologically. 

Stay Positive

Keeping a positive spirit is essential to healing. That’s why you should get into therapy sessions or support groups that promote positive thinking as you recover. An upbeat, positive attitude really does work wonders after a difficult experience like being injured.

Financial Compensation

If the injury came from an accident or from someone else’s negligence, seek compensation. Injuries are expensive, both from an upfront medical perspective and from a long-term perspective.

Depending on the injury, it could easily continue impacting you years and/or decades after the injury occurred, even if it heals properly.

If a person or entity was at fault for an injury, get the necessary compensation.

Your body is already paying for their mistake from being injured and you’ll have to deal with that the rest of your life. Don’t pay for it financially as well.


Staying positive and focusing on what’s going well are some of the most important parts of recovery. These concepts may seem overly simple, but they can be hard to remember when things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped, or you’re not recovering as fast as you thought you would. Stay positive and focused and eventually, you’ll be back in control of your life.


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