Spinach Extract for Weight Loss [Stop Food Cravings]

Can Spinach Extract Help you to Lose Weight?

Today you will find the answer because there are many individuals looking for quick ways to lose weight.

However, the real-life effects of most weight loss supplements and pills are often disappointing.

There are many weight loss supplements on the market, the addition being the spinach extract.


This extract claims that it will help you lose weight by reducing your cravings and appetite. Let’s us look closer at exactly how this supplement is going to assist you in losing weight.

Exactly What is Spinach Extract?

This extract is made from the leaves of the spinach. The process of making this extract turns the leaves of the spinach into a vibrant green powder that you can mix into protein shakes, smoothies or add water. Recently there has been a rise in demand of this extract and the manufacturers have risen to occasion and have started selling it in other various forms including capsules and snack bars.

Spinach Extract for Weight Loss Explained

The spinach extract is made of concentrated spinach leaf thylakoids. Am sure most of you are not aware of what thylakoids are, but we are going to explain it shortly. Thylakoids are described as microscopic structures that are present inside chloroplast of green plant cells(1).

Weight Loss Women
Weight Loss Women

These structures play a vital role in photosynthesis as they help in harvesting sunlight that in turn gives the plant the needed energy to produce carbs.

The structures comprise of about 70 percent chlorophyll, proteins, and antioxidants while the other remaining thirty percent comprises of fat. Note, the Thykaloids are not only found in spinach but on other green plants.

If you read materials that talks about weight loss, you will agree with me that it’s hard to see the word spinach in the same sentence as lose weight. Actually, most weight loss articles will refer spinach as a mere fad. However, there has been good research done recently that shows that the spinach extract can offer much help to individuals who are struggling with excess weight.

How Does Spinach Extract Work?

The research shows that the spinach extract can aid in suppressing the body’s activity of lipase.

What is lipase?  Some of us may wonder.

Lipase is an enzyme type that assists in fat digestion(2). When there is, delay of fat, digestion the body will produce certain hormones such as peptide -1. This hormone is responsible for reducing your appetite and ghrelin, which is also referred as the hunger hormone(3).

The research also indicates that the spinach is among the best natural weight loss supplement that works by delaying the digestion of fat. Additionally, since this extract is 100 percent natural, you can achieve the weight loss goals without having to deal with unwanted side effects.

Can Spinach Extract help me Lose Weight?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Here is some of the science that backs this response.

  1. Latest studies that were carried out on answer show positive results on reduced body fat and weight in animals that consumed the spinach extract.
  2. As mentioned earlier, the supplement contains Thylakoids that plays an active role in suppressing the appetite. When you take this supplement for quite some time, you will start noticing positive results.
  3. Latest research performed on humans also showed that individuals who ate food that have 5 grams of spinach extract had reduced appetite for up to several hours(4).

Additionally, there was another study that concluded that women who were overweight and consumed diets with 5 grams spinach extract for three months had 43 percent more weight loss in comparison to other placebo groups of dieters.

Spinach Extract May Fight Cravings

Other studies show that the spinach extract could have a positive effect in suppressing the brain’s food reward system reducing your cravings. On a study conducted on overweight women showed that the women who ate food with 5 grams of spinach extract had reduced craving for sweet decreasing by up to 95 percent.

Moreover, the craving for chocolate was down by 87 percent.

Another research also suggested that women who took 5 grams of the spinach extract had reduced craving for foods that were fatty, sweet, and salty. However, these findings did not indicate any effect on calorie intake after a later buffet. As mentioned earlier the reduction of cravings was attributed to the fact that the spinach extract plays a major role in the release of peptide-1, which works on the food reward system.

These studies concluded that the spinach extract has a positive influence on the brains food reward system and as a result, the cravings are reduced. When taken for long, it can lead to positive effect in weight loss.

Where to buy Spinach Extract?

Today various health stores sell the spinach extract. However, for your convenience, you can check out Amazon as it offers a wide range of best-powdered spinach extract.

Spinach Extract Side effects

Although there is no serious side effect noted with the use of this extract, there were some bio-markers recorded during the research. There was a temporary reduction in levels of insulin and increased levels of blood sugar. However, there were no long-term effects on blood sugar. There are still studies being conducted to ensure that there are no safety concerns with the use of spinach extract in weight loss.

Spinach Extract Dosage

Since the thylakoids help in delaying digestion of fat, the spinach extract seem to have more positive effect when consumed with a high-fat meal. Additionally taking it with a meal such as your breakfast will be more effective. This is because it will keep you feeling full for longer reducing the amount of food you eat on a daily basis. Doctors recommend taking 5 grams of spinach extract on a daily base.


Last few words. The main benefit of the spinach extract is the fact that it is a hundred percent natural. You do not have to fear using weight loss supplements with chemicals that lead to side effects.

However, it is good to point out that similar to other weight loss efforts you need to be patient and avoid eating junk food for you to see results.

Moreover, combining these effects with regular exercise will boost your chances of success. Before taking this supplements, it is also good to speak to your doctor who will advise you accordingly.

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