Six Health Risks Hidden in Your Own Home

A home is supposed to be a refuge from the everyday stresses of life.

It is where we raise our children, celebrate with friends, and spend the majority of our time.

We work to maintain a clean and functional house, yet there still could be health risks hiding in your home.

If you are worried about your family’s health, look to see if you home could be harboring any of the following.




Mold in homes can be a dangerous health risk, especially if your house is a breeding ground for toxic black mold. Mold can grow in any damp, poorly ventilated area in your house. It can grow on wood, sheetrock, tile, underneath carpet, even on furniture.

It can go unnoticed for years because it can be odorless and invisible, or it can have a strong musty odor and appear black.

Exposure to black mold and breathing in black mold spores can cause a host of health problems including respiratory issue, headaches, and chronic fatigue. Some people will have more effects from exposure to it than others. Black mold can be removed using a bleach solution but be watchful as it can also return. Professional mold removal is often required.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide gas can result from problems involving the furnace or stove, or from portable generators. Fireplaces and fuel operated devises also can produce carbon monoxide. These odorless and colorless fumes can be fatal. Every home should have at least one carbon monoxide detector.


Dust may seem to be harmless, but the microorganisms within the dust can cause health concerns. Dust mites can also be found in mattresses and pillows. These pests can cause allergy and asthma symptoms. There is no way to completely eliminate dust, you simply must dust, vacuum, and frequently was sheets and pillow cases. Try to choose hypoallergenic products whenever possible.


Every year thousands of children are treated at emergency rooms for accidental overdoses. Even if you do not have children in your home, but could potentially have young visitors, always keep medications and toxic cleaning solutions out of reach of little hands.


Rodents can contaminate food and surfaces with their feces. They can also bring fleas and lice into your home. Cockroaches spread bacteria and can carry parasitic worms. Keep foods sealed, repair cracks in your home’s exterior, and don’t allow garbage to pile up.

If you find signs of other pests like a termite infestation, contact a local pest control company. According to Pro Force, termites might not carry as many diseases, but the damage they can do to your house and foundation can cause a lot more harm.


Nothing could seem more harmless than a houseplant. Adults will likely have no issues, but the leaves and flowers of some houseplants can be poisonous to children and pets. Lilies and Oleander are both very dangerous.

Take time to rid your home of any hidden risks you may have overlooked and help you and your family live a healthier life.

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