10 Signs Your Parents Need Home Care

Today we have a informative article from Brandon Shamis about the Signs Your Parents Need Home Care.

Are you having concerns about your parents’ well being after your recent trip back home?

A visit to your old parents can provide you direct insights to their living conditions.

You need to determine if their present status of living is safe.


The Signs Your Parents Need Home Care

Here are 4 signs that show that your parents are struggling with their everyday activities and they need help.

1# Significant Weight Loss:

Elders have a tendency to eat less. However, if you find they’ve lost weight drastically, it means that they are not eating well. Senior find it difficult to go out and spend most of their time at home. Housebound senior can quickly lose weight if they are unable to go out to buy everyday items such as groceries.

As a result of this, they try getting by with the bare minimum and this leaves them malnourished and weak.

2# A Decline In Hygiene Habits:

It can be quite surprising to see your parents who used to prioritize hygiene is now forgetting to shower. They are even neglecting activities such as shaving, nail clipping and laundering their clothes. This is among the most common signs that they are facing difficulties in taking care of themselves.

Hiring a caregiver can ensure that sheets are changed, laundry is done and your parents bathe safely.

3# Bills And Mails Are Piled Up:

Did you stumble upon packs of unopened bills and mails? Firstly, ensure that the bills are paid and check if there are any important mails that need to be addressed. Were your parents very organized in their youth and the sudden piling-up of mails and bills is unusual? If yes, then it’s a sign that your parents are struggling to keep up with day-to-day activities.

4# Ding And Scratches On their Car:

Take a quick look at your parents’ car. Check if it was driven lately. If not, check the front of the vehicle. If you find scratches and dents, it would seem your parents were involved in minor accidents. This may be the result of their delayed reflexes, side effects of medication or poor eyesight.

In that case, you should first consult with a doctor to determine if it’s safe for your parents to drive. If the doctor recommends that your parents shouldn’t be allowed to drive, you should think of getting them driving services.

Seniors do not like to share their problems, it is up to you to understand what’s affecting them. The quicker you understand what affecting them, you can address the issue and help them out. Check out the below infographic 123 HomeCare for more information.

Ten Signs Your Parents Need Homecare

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