Remove Stretch Marks the Simple Way

Today you will learn how to remove stretch marks the Simple Way.

Stretch marks or striae gravidarum, are caused by a loss of elastins and collagens in our skin when it’s overstretched.

They occur in the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis. They don’t occur on the surface of the skin.

Imagine the dermis as an elastic layer that is reinforced with fibers. These fibers are comprised of these critical elastins and collagens, meant to allow the skin to retain it’s normal state after being stretched.


Causes of Stretch Marks

Fast weight loss or weight gain is a common reason for developing stretch marks. They are caused tearing the middle layer of the skin. The vast majority of women develop stretch marks (striae) during pregnancy. The skin is overstretched because of the baby growing in the body. The skin now is no longer stretched, therefore stretch marks appear. Now it’s not going to be easy to remove stretch marks.

Extreme stretch mark
Extreme Stretch Marks

Younger women and men get them as well, mainly during puberty, when our body changes rapidly. We gain height rapidly and our skin just can’t keep up.

The same happens to many bodybuilders. Once their muscles grow rapidly, the skin stretches. Later on when these bodybuilders lose their muscles, the skin isn’t stretched over the bigger muscles anymore. The skin contracts and stretch marks occur.

Our skin is expanding the amount of collagen in the overstretched tissue in an attempt to heal the wounds. This results in these familiar pinkish-reddish marks and lines.

Preventing Stretch Marks

The best way to get rid of stretch marks is to prevent them in the first place. One way to prevent stretch marks is to try not to lose or gain too much weight too fast.

Eating healthy can also help you to prevent these marks. Our skin needs certain nutrients in order to work properly. Without these nutrients, it can’t grow and function as it’s supposed to. Eating nutritious meals and exercise can keep you from getting stretch marks. Becoming obese is a surefire way of getting marks. Keep your weight gain within the recommended range and follow a balanced diet.


Hydration is critical for our overall health and it’s extremely important if you wish to have healthy skin. Our skin needs plenty of water for elasticity. That’s why we need to drink plenty of water. Dehydration on the other hand makes our skin look dry. Skin that is too dry can cause stretch marks and scars.

Make sure to consume vitamins in order to ensure healthy, strong and shiny skin. There are certain vitamins that are very beneficial for healthy skin. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are critical for our skin cells. Iron, vitamin C and copper are critical for the production of collagen. Vitamin B1, B2 and folate are very important for energy production in our skin cells. Make sure that you take enough vitamins, this way your skin stays healthy.

Stretch Mark Treatment

A very costly and painful but permanent solution to remove stretch marks is to go for botox, dermabrasion and laser treatment. Although very expensive, laser treatment is an effective remedy. There are different colors that stretch marks can be and each type of laser can be set up for different skin types. There are certain types of laser treatments available for you if your stretch marks are reasonably fresh. Be prepared that laser treatment isn’t going to be covered in your health insurance plan.

Stretch mark removal creams can help soften the lines and marks that are caused by weight gain or pregnancy. There are several stretch mark removal creams available. They can drastically soften the skin and fade the scarring where the marks and lines are located.

Skin before after

Stretch mark creams work the skin’s inside to the deeper layers by penetrating the skin. The result is an increase of the suppleness of the skin from within. This process is going to effectively enable the skin to cope with strains put on it during weight gaining activities and pregnancy. I depend on your determination, skin type and the depth of your marks whether or not the marks disappear.

With creams you won’t need painful laser techniques or intrusive surgery. Not all creams work though, many unfortunately just don’t do what they claim.

You want to make sure that you employ a cream that has many natural ingredients.

A great stretch mark removal cream and time is what will ultimately help with stretch mark removal. The right cream can allow you to noticeably reduce these lines and marks for forever.


After doing a lot of research online and after testing most of the stretch mark creams that are available, we only found a handful that actually work.

katie smith
katie Smith

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