5 Perfect Reasons to Get a Massage Daily

Today we have a really interesting guest post from Sara on 5 Perfect Reasons to Get a Massage Daily

Many people think massage therapy is just a luxury meant for aristocrats. No, it is not true.

Massage is a very valuable practice that has the power to address hundreds of physical and psychological disorders.

Do you feel tired or depressed? Is your skin sagging or dry? Do you face trouble falling asleep? If answers are yes, you should heed massage therapy.


Reasons to Get a Massage Daily

It can help you feel better. It is a proper wellness plan, whose popularity and demand is increasing day by day.

The sense of human touch can have magical effects on the body. It is nothing strange, but the natural instinct of Homo sapiens.

Massage therapy has a variety of different techniques. If you want to have a massage, you have many options. Aromatherapy, Hot stone massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Pregnancy massage, Sports massage, Reflexology, etc.

Search about all of them and choose what suits you best.

You can consult your physician as well. Massage chairs are also available in the market these days. It is a vast industry in the modern era.

In this post, we will let you know about five reasons why your body desperately needs massage therapy.

 1.   It can Help Improve Stature: 

Many people go through the agony of back pain or neck pain. There can be numerous reasons, but lousy stature or posture is one of the primary causes.

Poor posture can cause the problem for many body parts like shoulder, back, neck, thighs etc. It can tense muscles in hips, back, legs and glutes.

Bad posture can even lead to severe chronic back pain. The wrong position of sitting at the   work desk or wrong stature of standing anywhere can be the reasons. Chronic pain might force you to miss work or even result in any disability.

Massage can bring un-balanced muscles back to healthy state.

It allows all muscles to work together in a rhythm. It gets the body back in proper alignment. It might be the most relaxing aspect of massage therapy that it can help reform better stature and look graceful. It reduces all effects of long hour’s desk sitting.

It allows loosening the tense muscles of the body. Thus, body positions itself in pain-free posture easily. This posture adds to the charm of your personality.

If combined with a daily exercise routine, massage therapy can work magically. You will be astonished by the levels of freshness you will experience.

2.  It can Ease Anxiety:

When we are under stress, our body is producing cortisol. These are the hormones responsible for stress, which is the cause of majority diseases. Obesity, sleeplessness, digestive issues, headaches are some of them.

Massage therapy is well known to reduce the levels of cortisol significantly. According to a Research conducted at Australia’s Orygen Research Centre, patients who received daily massage therapy had fewer levels of anxiety than those who received standard care.

A massage promotes muscle relaxation.

It increases flexibility and eliminates tense muscles throughout the body. It reduces swiftness and swelling in muscles and joints. It releases endorphins. It lowers blood pressure, pulse rate, and body temperature. Many people have reported feeling light and calm after receiving massage therapy.

Regular massage sessions for an extended period can boost up our energy levels. It stimulates us on the physical and emotional level. It reduces all the symptoms associated with anxiety.

3.  It can Empower Immune System:

Immune System

The immune system is human body’s mechanism to protect itself and fight germs. Massage therapy adds to immune system’s abilities. It enhances the body’s ability to deliver nourishment.

Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage are the best among all massage therapies as far as the immune system is concerned. It is because they promote the movement of lymph, which is the natural defense system of the body.

They are also known as white blood cells. They play the vital role in combat with deadly germs. All the benefits of massage therapy can lead to better and active immune system.

4.  It Adds to The Beauty:

Unbelievably, it is a proven fact that massage therapy can make you look gorgeous. Let us tell you about some fantastic beauty benefits of massage.

Head massage has the capability of making hairs look shiny and beautiful. It promotes the health of the scalp. It increases the blood circulation. Which in turn decrease the probability of having dandruff or itchy skin. Increased blood flow makes the roots of follicles stronger.

Face massage includes circular motion of fingers over the face, and can make it glow. It does not let the wrinkles or sagging skin make you look old.

Improved blood circulation results in brighter skin tone and texture.

It moisturizes the skin and removes all of the toxins from it. It enhances cell regeneration and helps you to have the gorgeous glowing skin you always wanted. Skin gets less prone to infections.

There are specific techniques for eye massage. They activate pressure points around the eye socket and helps to release tension in the visual system. It lessens the light sensitivity of eyes and removes dark circles. Eyes will sparkle more than ever after receiving massage around the eye area.

Increased oxygen supply to blood cells results in burning more calories. Which in turn, removes the excess fat and make you look smart. Yes, massage therapy is a beneficial tool when it comes to losing weight. It can tone up your body.

Massage can deaccelerate the aging process, as many benefits of massage end up making you look young. You can look much younger than your age.

5.  It Improves Digestion:

improves digestion

Yes, massage therapy is also helpful for the digestive system. There are phases in the digestion process of our body. In the final phase, it moves the food through intestines. The purpose is to draw more water and nutrients from it. Various factors can interrupt this system. One of them is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Others are the deficiency of minerals, stress, specific medications or any other.

These all factors can result in numerous deadly diseases. Ulcerative colitis, diarrhea and nausea are the examples.

Full body massage can resolve such issues. Stress is responsible for unhealthy digestion. Massage eases the stress, which results in excellent food passage. It releases many healthy enzymes. It also aids in the removal of waste products.

Gas and bloating are one of the most common digestive problems. All of us experience it at any stage of life. Unpleasant gas and uncomfortable bloating feel very bad.

It can also be the outcome of some particular food. Some people’s stomachs cannot tolerate some specific foods. The result is cramping gas and bloating. Quality of food has a profound effect on digestion.

Abdominal Massage is Good for Digestion

Studies have found that skilled abdominal massage is good for digestion. It can relieve constipation, speed up digestion and beat bloating. It eases the abdominal pain. Massage strengthens the abdominal muscles to aid in the digestion process.

A massage therapist named as Giannis says “for proper digestion the stomach needs a healthy blood supply, and massage helps speed up the circulation around the body including to the abdomen.”

Shiatsu therapy is best as far as the stomach is concerned. It can wonderfully aid the digestion process. If the more serious health condition is suspected, it is always preferable to consult the doctor before the massage.

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Sara is a psychologist by profession, and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and travelling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques.

She regularly writes blogs at my massage chairs; learn more about her blogs.

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