Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Home Remedies

Today you will discover the best 7 Natural Anti-Aging skin care home remedies. You may have decided to do an internet search on natural anti-aging skin care products because you or your loved ones has started to notice some fine lines and wrinkles impacting your once youthful appearance.

As we get older, our bodies start to reduce the production of the necessary collagen and elastin, which are very important in maintaining a smooth and youthful skin. Although there are very many skin care products on the market claiming fast results, some of them contain harmful chemicals that may worsen the skin conditions.

7 Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Home Remedies

Today we are going to give you the best anti Aging remedies that are completely natural to ensure that your skin remains tender and youthful. Here are some of the all natural anti Aging skin care remedies.


1. Yogurt Facial

Plain yogurt is one o the best anti aging home remedy for skin because it is high in lactic acid. Lactic acid is a form of alpha hydroxyl acid that is very useful in tightening the skin spores and aiding in cell regeneration. Studies also show that the acid also encourages collagen and elastin production.

Yogurt also contains vitamin A & C as well as Zinc, which has antioxidant properties to protect your skin from free radicals that causes wrinkles. Apply the yogurt on your face and let it stay for 5-10 mines before rinsing it off with water.

2. Avocado-Honey Moisturizer

Avocado-Honey Moisturizer is one of the best anti-aging home remedies that rejuvenates your skin within a very short time. When you keep your skin well moisturized, it will make your complexion looks smooth as it gets rid of all dry skin and wrinkles. To make come up with this moisturizer, you need at least three tablespoons of fresh cream, one tablespoon of honey and a piece of avocado. To prepare it, you place all the ingredients into a blender and blend into a smooth cream. Apply this cream on your skin and leave it for at least 45 min to 1hr before rinsing off with water.

3. Wrinkle-Fighting Salad

This is an energy boosting salad that is packed with essential antioxidants that protects your skin from sun damage as well as boosting blood circulation in your skin. It will do wonders when you eat it for breakfast as it will keep your skin smooth throughout the day.

To prepare this salad you need a half cup of fresh strawberries, a half cup of blueberries, one kiwi, half a cup of orange juice, half a cup of pomegranate seeds as well as a handful of walnuts. To prepare it you just need to combine all the ingredients in a bowl and then pour the juice over the mixture.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

This great homemade facial toner plays a major role in improving the skin that has lost elasticity over the years. Since it has a high concentration of acid, the product will act as a natural astringent to renew the skin natural PH balance(1) ensuring that it is not too dry or too oily.

Coconut and Lemon Scrub

To apply this product you just need to fill a small spray bottle using one part apple cider and two parts water and pray the solution to your skin. Let it stay for fifteen minutes before rinsing.

5. Basil Toner

This recipe will have many benefits to your skin especially if you are prone to acne. The basil helps in clearing acne-causing bacterial and improves the blood circulation in the skin. To prepare this recipe you need about three tablespoons of dried basil leaves and a cup of boiling water. Crush the leaves, mix them into a cup of boiling water, and let it cool. Stain out the leaves put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on your skin. To ensure that every part of your skin is covered, you can use a cotton pad to spread it evenly on the skin.

6. Coconut and Lemon Scrub

This anti aging home remedy focuses on exfoliation of your skin. This product will help to increase the blood circulation while getting rid of the dirt as well as the dead skin cell on the surface of the skin. Exfoliating will also enhance the function of other skin care products as the will penetrate better into your skin.

7. Lemon-Agave Age Spot Fighter

This is a great solution for those who are looking for an effective spot fighter to help them clear those annoying spots on their skin. This recipe will help you to exfoliate the skin and lift off the layer of the dead skin that often leaves age spots behind. To make this home anti-aging remedy, you need a half cup cooked rice, one-tablespoon agave nectar and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients together, blend well, apply the mixture on your dry skin, and massage it in a circular motion for two to three minutes before rinsing off with water.


These are just some of the best anti aging home remedy to help you have a radiant and gorgeous skin. Other great home remedies include Java lip exfoliator, almond-sugar facial scrub, Olive Oil Skin Care, Rose water to tighten skin, Coconut milk to moisturize dry skin, Papaya mask for skin firmness as well as Cucumber and curd pack to rejuvenate skin and under-eye skin. To prepare these remedies is very easy and you can find all the ingredients in your local supermarket.

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