Lemon Juice – Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking it

Today Akshay Sharma will show you the Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Juice!

Why would you start the day with a hot cup of tea or coffee when you know both these beverages add no value to the body?

In fact, when consumed in excess, they can even harm your health and pose a variety of health issues. Why not then look for something that is natural and healthy – something that is good in every imaginable way?

Well, try lemon water, not because it’s all the rage these days, but because its health benefits. You can just add a few drops of lemon in water and drink it your way to being healthy. And if you find no taste with water, the lemon can make it a bit delicious and help you drink it more often for sure.


As you know, lemon is a citrus fruit rich in vitamin C and other key minerals good for the body. With regular consumption of lemon water, you can get a refreshing skin, lose weight, keep toxins out of the body, boost your metabolism and yes, improve your dental health as well.

Even studies have confirmed a slew of health benefits of drinking lemon water. So, start it from today itself and feel the difference.

Here are 10 benefits of drinking lemon water regularly –

1. Hydration

Water in any form is good for the body. Whether it comes form food or drink, this elixir of life is essential to staying healthy and disease-free. Even doctors all over the world recommend drinking at least 8 glass of water daily to keep the body in perfect shape.

This will help you keep hydrated with organs working to their optimum. And if water feels tasteless and dour, you can pour a few drops of lemon and drink it to stay healthy.

2. Lower blood pressure

Vitamin C is good for the heart. Or, all citrus foods, including lemon, are beneficial for your body in one way or another. Regular consumption of vitamin C will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

It will help you fight low blood pressure issue to stay on top of cardiovascular health. And if your body has low vitamin C levels and you’re obese as well, this could increase the risk of stroke.

3. Skin quality

Your skin has a big role to play in the way you look and feel. Dry skin with wrinkles all over can make anyone look older to their age. You however can rely on lemon water to improve your skin quality considerably over time.

In fact, the vitamin c found in lemons are great for reducing skin wrinkles to keep your skin rejuvenated and fresh looking all the time. The water you drink will keep the skin moisturized and stop it from being dry.

4. Weight loss

Lemon juice is ideal for all those people looking to lose weight using only home remedies. This has been in use for decades and you can try it and be confident of desired results over time.

The polyphenol antioxidants in lemons are known to fight off the body fat and help you gain a right shape. Plus, the water intake not only keeps you hydrated and full but also improves your metabolism.

5. Diabetes

If you’re a diabetic and not sure what to drink to start the day with, it’s always better to try something natural with health benefits. You can trust lemon water to help you, and even if it can’t, be rest assured of no harms.

Studies however have confirmed that people who drink lemon juice regularly can see an improvement in their body’s insulin resistance. So, try this healthy option and feel good about your food choices.

6. Digestion

It’s been proven time and again that lemon juice improves digestion. In fact, people have been drinking it for long as a daily morning laxative to prevent constipation.

Even doctors urge to start the day with warm or hot lemon water to keep your digestive system working to its optimum best. The vitamin c and antioxidants found in lemon not only help digest foods easily but also stop the build up of toxins in the body.

7. Kidney stones

Lemon water is considered the perfect panacea to curing kidney stone. This assumption is help across cultures and it has valid reasons to believe so. Because, lemon is a rich source of citric acid which stop formation of calcium kidney stones.

Doctors all the world recommend increasing the intake of citric acid to reduce the risk of new calcium stone formation in the body. So, you can drink lemon water more often on a regular basis and keep the problem of calcium stone away.

8. Energy and Mood

Tea and coffee may make you feel awake instantly, but they are bad for the body. Skip them and rather look for something that is natural and whose benefits last longer with no side effects to worry about.

Take lemon water instead in the morning and boost your energy levels.

It will also reduce your stress level and help improve mood. So, you can feel energetic naturally with requiring your caffeine crush.

9. Breath freshener

Lemon has long been used as an agent to neutralize odours. Families still use to remove powerful stench from skin, body or any other items in the house.

Naturally, the same formula can be used to fight bad breath caused by foods with strong smells like garlic, onion etc. With regular lemon water consumption in the morning or after meals, you can keep your breath fresh and sparkling.

10. Dental health

Lemon juice can help you fight off dry mouth and stop bacteria growth. It can help stimulate saliva and when that happens, a dry mouth is prevented. What’s more, drinking lemon juice can prevent toothache and reduce the risk of gingivitis.

Vitamin C is always good for your gums, so drink more of lemon juice and maintain dental health. You can also consult a good dentist near me to know more in this regard.

Author Bio: Hi! I’m Akshay Sharma. I’m a blogger at Imagination Waffle. I love to read and write about Fitness, Health & Lifestyle topics.

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