Top 10 Nutrition Juice Recipe For Athletes

Today you will learn 10 Proper Nutrition juice recipe’s for athletes.

Athletes, taking the proper nutritional juice recipe isn’t just a way to cool off after a long workout session or just a way to increase your fruits and veggies intake, taking the right juice recipe is both beneficial in the long run as well as in the short run.

Drinking  juice every  day can be very refreshing and can also nourish your body as it provides the body and with very essential, vital and beneficial nutrients.

Although it will seem all juices provide great benefits to athletes, irrespective of whether it is home made or bought from the shop, it is important to know the most proper of all the juices specifically for athletes that would give them an improved overall health and maximum energy levels.


10 Proper Juice Recipe For Athletes

Nutrition Juice recipes. In helping athletes make the right choice and function at optimal, we’ve help to identify 10 Proper Nutrition juice recipe For Athletes

1. Beet Juice Recipe for Athletes

This is the beetroot special. The secret to boosting natural performance and increase energy levels lies with the beetroot. Beets contain nitrate in abundance and this nitrate helps to open blood vessels which creates an easy access for the heart to transport blood to the muscles in the body that require oxygen. If you want to see the wonders of beetroot in action, drink it on a regular basis.

Recipe: one freshly cut beet, 3 well washed carrots , a garlic clove, an inch of ginger, a lemon and two leaves of kale

2. Magnesium Whirlwind:

The minimum standard of magnesium for men on a daily basis on an average is 400mg. Having the right magnesium intake most especially for athletes helps the body nerves and muscle parts to function properly, it also boosts the immune system of the body and Magnesium also helps in increasing energy levels of individuals.

Recipe: A large quantity of parsley (handful will do), an organic lemon skin, 3 trimmed carrots, 3 chard leaves, 2-3 celery ribs with leaves

3. Protein boost:

An essential nutrient in building muscles for athletes as well as helping the body to grow is proteins. Our next recipe fully utilizes two main ingredients which have high amount of protein content in them.

Recipe: a large pineapple, four well trimmed carrots, three apples, ten kale leaves, an inch of ginger, a handful of parsley and four celery

4. Montnorency Cherry Delight:

Although the Montnorency Cherry juice on its on can be a bit bitter and sour, the serves as a pain resistant juice and limit tiredness to a great extent amongst athletes. To numb the sour taste, other juices are mixed with the Montnorency cherry juice

Recipe: one green apple, a pound of montnorency cherry with pits removed, half a pound of strawberries, a cucumber and a stalk of celery

5. Tomato Juice Experience:

A recent study showed that tomato contains a very wonderful compound identified as lycopene. This compound encourages very fast recovery of the muscles and also helps to ensure the blood sugar levels are stable. To bring out a the taste of the tomato Juice, carrots are added to bring out a distinct taste.

Recipe: a large tomato, four trimmed carrots, a lemon with its rind, a lime with its rind

6. Electrolyte Booster:

A juice which contains large amounts of vitamins C and a high count of antioxidant electrolytes can only be of benefit to athletes. These electrolytes help to aid recovery and enhance energy levels.

Recipe: one orange, two chard leaves, a apple, a lemon with peel, a lime with peel and half teaspoon of vitamin C powder

7. Body Building Recipe:

This recipe helps to stimulate body growth and muscle gain considerably. The enzymes present in this recipe help to enhance protein metabolism in the body.

Recipe: three fresh strawberries, one mango, one apple, half a lemon

8. Iron Efficiency:

Did you know that iron is very important to the body as it provides the body with a means to produce haemoglobin? It is this haemoglobin that supplies oxygen to the muscles in other for them to function effectively. This recipe is iron centered with spinach being the main ingredient

Recipe: 6 spinach leaves, an inch of ginger, two radishes and 5 well trimmed carrots.

9. The Hot Pepper Special

Hot peppers have the specialty of improving the circulatory system and empowering the blood vessels. They also aid burning of fat because of the way they synthesis protein

Recipe: one jalapeño pepper, two chard leaves, a beet and one lemon.

10. Watermelon Cleanser:

The high fluid content contained in watermelon makes it a very healthy and natural option for kidney cleansing. Apart from improving your overall health, it also helps to add mass to your muscles.

Recipe: a large slice of watermelon and 2-3 apples


For athletes, juicing can be very important as it not only improves on overall general health, but it also aids muscles recovery, body and muscle growth as well as enhancement in performance levels.

As an athlete, give any of these recipes a try, and you will be glad you did. In our review, we discuss about juicer but we must know how to make juice with favorite juicers. There are many kinds of juicers in the market like masticating juicer, centrifugal juicer, and more one. Just pick which one you need.

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