Is There a Holistic Way to Detox from Drugs?

Individuals in search of relief from drug or alcohol addiction often try many methods to cure themselves of this life-altering affliction. Fortunately for these individuals, they have many different options available to them to detox from drugs.

These methods include both in and outpatient treatment programs, counseling services, and holistic approaches.

According to The Recovery Village, “there are many possible approaches to drug detox, including quitting cold turkey, home detox kits, outpatient detox programs, inpatient detox, and holistic detox programs.”

Holistic approaches to detox, once considered to be alternative methods, have become common to the point that the alternative tag may no longer apply.


Individuals interested in taking a holistic approach to drug detox may be interested in the following methods.


Meditation involves placing the mind in a state of mindfulness. Many drug and alcohol counselors praise the benefits of meditation for preventing drug and alcohol relapse. Psychology Today explains, “mindfulness, or the practice of being where you are, feeling what you’re feeling is a great assistant to drug detox.

Addictions are often the result of attempting to go somewhere else, emotionally or mentally. By focusing on your current state of being, you are grounding yourself, and diminishing your desire to use.” The practice of mindfulness enables individuals to become more in tune to their own feelings whether these feelings are good or bad.

Individuals are also able to identify bad feelings in a way that does not allow for negative reactions. This is great for relapse prevention.


Individuals that decide to no longer indulge in their drug of choice can benefit from the mood-boosting effects of daily exercise. A regular exercise regimen can fill the void left by not using drug or alcohol. Exercise also substitutes a natural high in place of the chemical high that was enjoyed with drugs or alcohol.

Physical exercise can boost levels of neurotransmitters that are important for individuals wishing to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Pet Therapy

Animal and pet therapy helps the detoxing addict by allowing the individual with the drug or alcohol problem to focus on something outside of themselves.

Individuals in the rehab community that advocate for pet therapy believe that caring for a creature that is dependent on the addict causes the addict to better understand the concept of nurture as a result. Efficient Gov continues this thought, “pet therapy eases the symptoms suffered from withdrawals.

It reduces anxiety and stress levels, and helps those who are recovering feel loved and like they felt before. There’s a belief that biofeedback is essential for all people to live happy productive lives.”

The individual that spends quality time with a pet can expect to experience lower stress levels, reduced instances of depression and anxiety, as well as lower pulse and blood pressures.

Horticulture Therapy

Gardening is a great way to promote good moods and a sense of well-being to the addict. Rehab programs, prisons, and mental health facilities have all recognized the ability of gardening to enhance a drug treatment program. The role of gardener provides the addict with a sense of purpose similar to the manner observed with pet therapy.

The evidence is conclusive that gardening can have a positive effect on self-esteem, cortisol levels, and feelings of aggression.

Art Therapy

Art and music can be the perfect remedy for the addict that is fighting through the detox process. Creative endeavors can bolster self-confidence and self-esteem. Music and art therapy have proven to be effective at lowering levels of anxiety, stress, depression, and anger in rehab patients.

Individuals interested in taking a holistic approach to detox from drugs and alcohol have a number of methods at their disposal. While traditional methods have also proven effective for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, holistic healing is a viable approach to the problem.

Whichever detox method is eventually chosen by the individual, the importance of consulting a doctor or physician cannot be understated.

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