Ingrown Armpit Hair [Remove and Prevent]

If you have Ingrown Armpit Hair then today I will show you how to remove and prevent this problem.

An ingrown hair is a hair follicle that grows beneath the skin after shaving or waxing.

This hair curls and causes bumps, pimples, underarm cysts and can even result in boils.

To some people, the ingrown hair may come and go but for others, it can cause a lot of pain and complications.


Causes of Ingrown Armpit Hair

Most people who shave their underarm end up developing ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can be very painful. Before looking at how to get rid of the ingrown hair follicle, it is important to find out the causes.

Shaving and Waxing

It has been confirmed that shaving can cause ingrown hair. For those that don’t know how to shave well, the risk of ingrown hair can be higher. If you shave against the direction of your hair, you could increase the chances of ingrown hair. It is important to ensure that the razor is not blunt. Those that use blunt razors in shaving increases the formation of ingrown hairs.

It is important to note that waxing can cause ingrown hair to form. If the waxing rips out hair from root, it may cause the new hair to change direction. If the new hair changes direction, you may find yourself with ingrown armpit hair.

Curly Hair

Those that have curly hair have more chances of developing ingrown armpit hairs. Those that have straight hair are less likely to have ingrown hair compared to those of Afro Caribbean descent. This condition can hardly be controlled. If your hair is curly, you cannot change that. Care should be taken when shaving.

Clogged Pores

Clogged pores increases the chances of formation of ingrown hair. If you do not take good care of your armpits, you will have clogged pores. This may increase the chances of ingrown armpit hair.

Always wash your armpits well to avoid dirt and sebum build up.

These can cause blockage which can then cause formation of ingrown hair. Always ensure your armpits are clean, fresh and well shaved. Always shave toward the direction of hair growth.

Tight Clothing

Tight clothing can obstruct the normal growth of your armpit hairs. Clothing such as nylon fabrics and synthetic are known to increase the formation of ingrown hair under your armpits/underarms. It is always good to avoid wearing tight nylon or synthetic clothing. It is always good to wear a cloth that will not obstruct normal armpit hair growth.

Let us Look at the Symptoms of Ingrown Armpit Hairs

  • Armpit pain and itching-If you are experiencing pain and itching in your armpits, you might be a victim of armpit ingrown hair. As we have seen, shaving and waxing can increase the chances of developing underarm ingrown hair.
  • Boil in the armpit-if you find a boil under your arm, it is a sign of either ingrown hair or a related condition. The boil is red and painful. If you shaved recently, chances are high that you have an ingrown hair.
  • Rash under the arms-If you have rashes under the arms, it might be a symptom of armpit ingrown hair. It is always good to take the best precautionary measures. Most people with underarm rashes have a high possibility that the condition is as a result of underarm ingrown hair. When the hair follicle starts to develop, you will feel some pain.

Pus and Blisters

Armpit ingrown hairs causes you to develop a blister or a cyst under your arms. If you find a yellow pus under the arm, it is an indication of a serious bacterial infection. It is always good to consult your doctor for advice. If you notice that you have an ingrown hair, there are natural ways of removing it without necessarily going to the doctor.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Swollen lymph nodes are a symptom of ingrown hair. If you find swollen lymph nodes under your arms, you might be having an ingrown hair. If you usually shave your underarms, it is always good to take care and shave toward the direction of the hairs. If you used wax or shaved and after a few days you have started seeing a swollen lymph nodes, you might be a victim of ingrown hair.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair Under the Arms

You can get rid of this hair while still at home. You don’t need to visit the doctor. You can visit the doctor if you find it necessary depending on the condition of the boil. There are some that you can just remove or pluck out but there are some that may require doctor’s attention.

The video below shows you, HOW TO: Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs 8 Top Tips

How to Remove

Before you remove the ingrown hair, it is important to treat the inflammation until the boil is safe to extract. Below are the steps:

  • Cleanse the skin using a diluted hydrogen peroxide to remove bacteria that could cause infections
  • Steam your underarms gently. You can either steam it with a towel that have been dipped in hot water or you can just take a hot bath
  • Use a clean pin or needle and open the bump
  • You will see the growing hair embeddled in the skin; use sterilized tweezers to remove the growing part to the skin surface
  •  Apply hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the hair follicle
  •  Apply anti-bacterial solution or Neosporin

Treatment of ingrown underarm hair-It is important to note that ingrown hairs cause infections that can spread to and affect a big surface. You can decide to treat the boil using aspirin to reduce inflammation. There are several ways of treating a inflammation or ingrown hair. It is always good to avoid the things that cause ingrown hairs. Protecting your skin from things that may cause formation of ingrown hair is always the best thing. Always take care and precaution when shaving.


Always shave toward the direction of the hair. When you are waxing, always ensure that everything is done in order. Always clean your armpits to avoid blocked pores and dirt. Anything that may cause the formation of ingrown hair should be avoided by all means.

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