Importance of Wearing Mouth Guard [How to Take Care of it!]

Today you will discover the Importance of Wearing a Mouth Guard.

We as a human being are known for engaging in various group activities where we socialise and work as a team. Playing sports is one such thing wherein individuals compete against each other and show their sportsmanship in a particular sport.

But in sports such as basketball, boxing, rugby, hockey, football, etc. one needs to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth.

A mouth guard is a protective device or a cushioning device that is placed in the mouth over the gums and teeth to shield the teeth, lips, gums, and arches from possible injury.


There are three main types of mouth guards namely, Stock Mouth Guards, Mouth-Formed Guards, and Custom-fitted Mouth Guards. One can select any type of mouthguards for their use and it mainly depends on the suitability of the user which type suits them.

Some Points Which Makes Mouth Guards So Important:

benefit mouthguard

  • The most significant benefit that a mouth-guard can provide is protection against damage to teeth and dental work. It absorbs the impact of the hits and thus keeps your teeth safe.
  • A mouth guard specially made for sports can helps in distributing the impact and absorbs the energy that could have been focused on one tooth. The spongy resiliency of a mouth-guard can help to absorb some of the energy of a blow.
  • An athlete might feel safer and can play more effortlessly without any worry when they know they have proper mouth protection.
  • Estimates show that over a lifetime, dental costs associated with a tooth that is knocked out and not replanted can be as much as 50 times the cost of a custom thermoformed mouth-guard.

Points to Keep in Mind for Cleaning Mouth Guards:

Cleaning Mouth Guards

Rinse Immediately After Wearing:

Rinsing has always been a simple technique used to clean all kind of products and when it comes to cleaning mouth guards, putting it inside warm water after wearing it the best way to clean it preliminary. It cleans the guards and removes anything which is stuck between it dentures.

Scrub It with Toothbrush:

Now, this cleaning tip is the easiest and common one that one can perform. Use a toothbrush to clean it like you clean your teeth. Using simple tooth brush with soft brushes such as kid’s toothbrush can help you out in scrubbing the mouth guards. You can also use toothpaste to clean it while you are cleaning and scrubbing it.

Soak It Inside A Cleaning Solution on A Routine Basis:

In addition to scrubbing your mouthguard, you should perform deep cleaning at least once a week to keep it clean and fresh. There many dental products available in the market which can help you out in solving this issue. You can also use a simple mixture of water and mouthwash and soak the mouth guard inside the solution for more than 30 minutes and then rinse it with water and dry before storing it.

Using Dental Sanitizing Devices:

There special devices which are designed in the shape of mouth guard dentures, so one can clean mouth guard thoroughly and can put them in this device and this device will keep them safe from external germs and bacteria to come and affect the guards.

Natural Cleaning Method:

One can use natural means to clean the mouth guards too. You can use a solution of vinegar and lemon or even use bleach. Just consult your dentist regarding different in which you can clean your mouth guard.

The advantage and cleaning up points for Mouth Guards are not limited, there can many other points which one can add up.

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