How to Apply Coffee on Face

How to apply coffee on your face Step by Step

This is a full description of the video showing just how easy it is  to apply coffee on your face.

This is a really easy face scrub that you can make at home and you just need these 3 things.

This is all you need 1 coffee, 2 oil and 3 sugar. There’s a number of different oils you can use.


The best probably being Olive Oil but you could also use Coconut oil or even Honey.

How to Apply Coffee on Your Face Step by Step

This step is really easy you can make at home this will help remove the dead skin and will also brighten your skin. So let’s start, I’m going to be using is sugar coffee. This acts like a really good exfoliate and also help in anti-aging so the third thing I’m going to be using is coconut oil you can also use olive oil if you want.

You need to mix this thoroughly and apply this mixture on your face. It feels  scratchy at first but rub your face for three to four minutes. So I’ve scrubbed my face for three to four minutes I’m just gonna take a wet towel and remove this and now you can watch my face and you’ll see the difference so I wash my face now and if you can see it’s become so soft and so radiant.

Homemade Coffee Scrub and Mask

I’ve been a skincare geek my whole life. Yes I’ve bought many different face scrubs and some of them were super expensive. Still I never found one that could better this home made coffee mask and scrub I’m showing you now.

how to Apply Coffee on Face

This coffee scrub mask will remove dead skin cells and give your face a flash radiant complexion. After you use this scrub you’ll notice how smooth your face feels. You will also see them fine annoying lines disappearing. These magical effects will last for hours on end.

Believe it or not you can achieve this with 3 simple products you probably have sitting in your kitchen.

Coffee for Skin Care

Many cosmetic products are now starting to add coffee extract. The reason for this is simple. Coffee is a great source of anti-oxidants(1) and this is what helps protect our skin. It protects the skin by fighting free radicals that try to damage and age the skin.

It’s the caffeine in the coffee that’s responsible for all the great skin care abilities. As a example the caffeine helps minimise fine lines and stops the skin losing moisture. It may even help if you get sunburn.

Many Benefits of Coffee Mask for Skin

Below you will find just some of the many benefits coffee gives your skin:

  • Coffee can increase blood circulation, which is great benefit for skin.
  • Contains antioxidants even greater benefit for our skin.
  • If you use honey this tightens the skin and gives it a healthy glow.
  • You feel how smooth your skin gets using the mask.
  • The coffee aroma soothes the senses.
  • Rejuvenates the skin.


A coffee mask is a simple and amazing way to refresh your skin so why not give it a try today.

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