How to Dye Hair? [Tips and Tricks]

Today you will learn How to dye hair? the right way!

It is good that you have decided to dye your hair at home.

Dyeing is the best choice for individuals concerned about how to cover grey hair.

The thing to remember here is that you can do it at home with ease. In turn, it will save you a lot of time and money for sure.


Dyeing Your Hair At Home

Get ready: The first thing you should do is to prepare yourself for dyeing. Yes, you should get prepared 24-48 hours before you begin the process. You should wash your hair. Washing will help with developing the natural oil. It, in turn, will permit the colour to bind to your hair with ease. It will also ensure longevity.

When you wash the hair the day before colouring, it is better to avoid conditioner. If you are an individual with dry hair, you should condition it at least for five minutes in a hot shower for a week before you plan to shade. But, avoid conditioner, right on the day before.

How to Apply Hair Color Yourself

Choose the right colour: You might get overwhelmed with the vast choices of shades. If you are using a dye for the first time, it is better to choose a tone that is not more than a couple of shades lighter or darker as compared to your natural hair.

You can also try a semi-permanent or temporary dye if you are a first-timer.

It will ensure minor mess-up. You should remember that the semi-permanent one should be applied only to damp hair. You will find temporary dyes in the market that will go away within 1-2 washes.
When you go for permanent ones, they are lasting, and you can see the shade until 6-8 weeks.

Safeguard Yourself and Your Home from Stains:

When you colour your hair at home, it is essential that you should remember to protect your favourite shirt and carpets from the blots. So, make sure that they are rightly safeguarded using an unwanted cloth or paper. Cover your t-shirt with an old towel before starting the process.

Brush Your Hair and Apply Petroleum Jelly:

Thoroughly brush your hair, before you begin the process. Then, coat your neck, ears, and hairline with petroleum jelly. It is an optional step. But, this stage will help with easy removal of stains after dyeing.

Use glove:

Use a glove and mix the content of the home colouring dye available in the market as per the instructions in the product label.

Separate Your Hair into Four Portions:

Once you mix the content, comb your gray hair and separate into four parts. Then, apply the dye to all four sections with your hands as you already have gloves put on. If you are dying for the first time, start applying an inch from your roots. After applying leave the dye for some time. The time differs based on the product you use for home dyeing.

Rinse Your Hair:

After applying, remove the spills from your face and other unwanted areas using a paper towel or wet towel. Once, you allow the recommended wait time, rinse your hair and nothing to panic if you see some colour run in the shower. It is something natural. Shampoo and condition the hair and dry it entirely using a hairdryer.

The video below shows you more ways to Dye Hair at Home plus some Coloring Tips and Tricks.


Key points: You should wait for at least two weeks before you colour your hair again. You can use a timer to make sure that you follow the time specified in the pack. When dividing your hair into four portions for colouring, use plastic clips to keep them in place. The reason is that metal clips can react with the dye.

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