Himalayan Pink Salt For Skin [Refresh Your Skin]

Today Jeffrey Lewis will help you Discover Why Your Skin Needs Himalayan Pink Salt!

It’s all natural, it’s pretty, and it’s healthy! What’s not to like? Extracted by hand from the natural salt reserves of Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan, Himalayan Pink Salt is one of its kind, and has had all health conscious people raving about it for quite a while.

Free from all kinds of chemical treatments and artificial interferences, this salt combines the light and vibrational energy of the Sun and the Earth.

With outrageous claims of health benefits it has to offer from alleviation of respiratory troubles to relieving symptoms of joint diseases, there are lots of benefits it has for the skin too.


Himalayan Pink Salt Skin Benefits


In this industrial age where cheap synthetic materials are often used for mass production, it is better to go as natural as possible to avoid the detrimental effects they can have on your health. Himalayan Salt in its crude form could nourish your skin and relieve you of a wide variety of conditions if you have less than perfect skin. You can know more about Himalayan pink salt & its benefits at ittefaqco.

Eczema Relief

A non-contagious blistering disease causing irritation and discomfort that can get severe in some instances, eczema affects a major fraction of the population. The superior healing powers of Himalayan Pink Salt come in action where blisters of eczema are concerned. The salt is said to dry out the blisters and prevent secondary infection when applied topically as a solution in water (1). Moreover, Himalayan Salt is also said to soothe the itching process associated with eczema, as well as reduce inflammation.

Psoriasis Treatment

Considered a distressing disease, Psoriasis is a disorder in which dry red scaly patches of skin appear. Many Ayurvedic doctors suggest switching from iodized table salt to Himalayan Pink Salt, especially for patients suffering from Psoriasis. Topical application with water on psoriatic lesions has also helped a lot of sufferers.

A Natural Substitute to Antiperspirants 

Recent research has greatly suspected the use of commercial antiperspirants as a major culprit in the onset of breast cancer. However, giving up these essential treatments for body odor would be against common etiquettes. What you can do is to switch to a safer, all natural option- Himalayan Pink Salt, of course!

With people swearing by the salt for so many reasons, there have been many who have made antiperspirants out of natural ingredients mixed with the salt, and found that it works! Look up a convenient Himalayan Salt deodorant recipe, make it at home, use it instead of aluminum-containing antiperspirants and stay safe.

With its astringent and antimicrobial properties, Himalayan Pink Salt kills microbes that are responsible for producing the dreaded body odor, while providing nourishment to your skin as well.

Take a Detox Bath

Immerse yourself in healthy luxury as you add this salt to your bath water. This therapeutic form of relaxation is sure to make you feel pampered as your body gets cleansed and rids itself from toxins. Pure Himalayan Pink Salt flushes out toxins to the point that it has been compared to fasting for three days!

This cleansing of your body will have a refreshing effect as the plethora of natural elements infuse your skin and boost energy levels. However, baths are not recommended for pregnant women and sufferers of heart disease, and physician’s consultation is advised.

Dark Spots And Blemishes

The rejuvenating effect of Himalayan Pink Salt can especially be proven in cases of dark spots or blemishes on the skin. Causing renewal of skin and removal of dead cells, the salt has an overall nourishing affect that can aid in lightening conspicuous marks. When nothing seems to work, why not try a natural option that will leave you feeling refreshed?

The salt is also beneficial in cases of tanning or multiple toned skin caused by sun damage.

Acne Vulgaris

Yes, the dreaded acne can be tamed too! Himalayan Pink Salt is said to help with sebum control. Buildup of sebum along with dead cells and bacteria can cause pustules on the skin we commonly term ‘acne’. Comedones, also known as blackheads or whiteheads, also come under acne. With its antimicrobial action and rejuvenating affect, Himalayan Pink Salt could cure pustules of Acne, and even prevent further breakouts.

A solution of the salt in water can be splashed on the face daily to avail its benefits for the skin, including its anti-inflammatory effect.

Feeling Greasy? 

People with excess oil buildup can often get self-conscious about the unnaturally shiny appearance of their face. For a mattifying affect, Himalayan Pink Salt is here to help! When used topically, the salt can cause oil control and keep sebum production under check as well.

Signs of Aging

Aging Process
Aging Process

Aging is natural and nothing to be ashamed of, but it still doesn’t feel good when you think about your fine lines and wrinkles. The anti-aging effect of Himalayan Skin Salt will replenish your skin by infusing the best of the 84 elements it has to offer. What’s more, your skin will feel more supple and healthy rather than looking tired and uncared for.

Scrub Away the Cellulite 

Cellulite can often seem unsightly as it is the bumpy appearance of fatty tissue on the skin. Himalayan Pink Salt can be infused with essential oils and used as a body scrub too! Along with its skin renewal effects, this salt scrub can clear off dead skin and even smoothen away cellulite while improving overall circulation.  The cleansing effect of detoxification through gentle scrubbing with this rich salt will give your skin the long due treatment it has always deserved.

With the plethora of recipes for DIY skin softeners and Himalayan Salt masks available on the internet, it is a great idea to try some yourself and avail the benefits of this purely natural product while your skin soaks in the nutrients it has to offer. However, in case of extra sensitive skin, it is always better to consult a specialist before trying out anything new, even Himalayan Pink Salt!

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