Top 10 High-Intensity Workouts Designed Purely for Women

Today you will learn 10 High-Intensity Workouts Designed Purely for Women.

A daily jog/walk is a pretty standard workout plan for women everywhere. While it has its benefits, it doesn’t fulfil the fitness requirements of your body. It doesn’t burn fat as effectively as high-intensity workouts.

High-intensity workouts are designed to take less time and exercise different muscle groups together.

The biggest benefit of high-intensity workouts is that they specifically target the fat in your body and burn it quicker than any other workout routine. You will be switching between low to high-intensity exercise routines in these workouts, which is considered by many to be more beneficial than maintaining the same level of intensity in your exercises.


High-Intensity Workouts

So ladies it’s time to pay attention, below are the 10 workouts that will all you need to adopt to get in shape:

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1. Sprint plus Walk

This one is simple enough, do a little warm-up and stretch session then walk for 30 seconds followed by a 30 second dead sprint. You should do about 6-10 reps.

By the third sprint and walk rep, you will feel the intensity in your whole body.

And intensity here means you will feel dead tired.

After a few days of the workout, you can increase the reps or increase the time of the sprints. You can also try the routine on a steep hill. Women of all ages can benefit from this workout by adjusting the intensity to what they can manage.

2. Jog plus Sprint

If you want to graduate from the walk and sprint workout, you can give the job and sprint workout a try. Follow the same routine as mentioned above, but instead of walking you will jogging after the 30 second of sprinting.

Shorten the number of reps you do at first, then increase after you can successfully manage to do more without passing out.

3. Infinity Pushups

The name sounds entertaining enough, and yes it is as scary as it sounds. Start off with a round of 10 pushups, rest for 30 seconds and follow it up with 10 more pushups. Keep going until you can’t do 10 straight pushups. Most people find 10 rounds to be enough.

To make it tougher you can decrease the rest time to 20 or even 10 seconds.

This is the best at home workout for strength training and it is very simple.

4. Infinity Squats

This one is just as much as the last one ladies, and you are going to hate it. But this workout is one of the most beneficial routines in this list. You are going to do 10 air squats and then rest for 30 seconds before doing 10 more. Squat, rest and repeat is the mantra.

Make sure you are doing proper air squats, you can check online to find the proper forms.

This exercise is especially beneficial for toning the gluteus maximus muscle(1), wink wink.

5. Pushups plus Squats

Ready to turn up the intensity even more? This routine will definitely test your limits so get ready mentally before you begin.

Perform 10 pushups and do 10 squats immediately after, then rest for 30 seconds.

To push your body even further, you can do 1 push up and 1 squat and do 10 of each before resting.

This will be complete body workout and will hit all the important muscle groups. The extreme nature of this workout will get all your frustrations out and leave your refreshed and exhausted at the same time.

6. Sit Up and Jump

This one is simple enough until you start physically doing it. You are to do 10 sit ups, stand up and perform 10 leaps; jump as high as you can. Rest for about 1 minute and do another round.

You can always this workout more challenging by adding a round of squats or pushups.

But you should probably stop if you throw up.


7. Rounds of Burpees

If you don’t know what burpees are then you should go online and check them out. Fair warning, they aren’t as whimsical as the name suggests. They are downright the hardest workout routine for anyone, obviously, they are also the best thing for your fitness level.

The routine is 10 burpees and then a minute of rest if you can do as much.

You can start with 5 burpees and ease into it.

You shouldn’t look for ways to make this work out more intense because it will be plenty difficult all on its own.

8. Prison Routine

The name says it all, you have to do 5 pull ups, 10 prison squats and a round of 15 pushups before you rest for a minute and do them all over again.

This one requires a pull up bar.

Find the correct way to do prison squats, because you don’t want to do them incorrectly.

9. Seal Jumps

You will not have heard of this exercise, it’s like jumping jacks except the hand movements are a little different.

You can find videos online that can show the correct ways to perform a seal jump.

You do have an option of replacing seal jumps with jumping jacks, but it isn’t recommended.

Do 50 seal jumps and rest for 60 seconds and repeat for as many rounds as you can continue for. Remember to keep the intensity and speed up to feel the burn!

10. Sprint plus Pushups plus Squats

You can combine three different exercises for this highly difficult workout. You will need to be in an open space for this. Perform a 15 second sprint, drop for a round of 10 pushups and then do 10 squats. Rest for about 30 to 60 seconds and start again.

You can do as many rounds as you want, though it may sound simple, it isn’t anything but when you perform it.


You can pick the workout based on their intensity or what is easier for you to perform. Most of these specifically designed exercises for women do not require any type of specialized equipment and can be performed at home, at the gym or outside.

Start with a low-intensity workout and then try one of the really high-intensity ones.

You will see a difference in just a few days and you will never want to go back to boring old jogging ever again.

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