5 Essential Healthy Daily Habits for Winter​

The winter cold is coming so today I wil share with you 5 Essential Healthy Daily Habits for Winter​.

Winter is here and it’s that time of the year again when you get all your warm clothes out to tackle the cold.

While the season also brings along the joy of holidays, keeping focus towards our health is also very important.

While you may be tempted to keep yourself busy with festivities and enjoying the cold, you can also fall prey to illness and cold bouts which no one really ever needs.


Tips to Keep Healthy this Winter

Stay Healthy During the Winter. So how do you keep yourself and your family healthy during the winters? While there are countless tips to keep yourself active and fit during the winters, we have tried compiling a list of 5 essential healthy daily habits that will help you enjoy the winters to the fullest and also keep any disease and sickness at bay:

1. Make a Workout Plan:​

Working out during winters may really seem like a chore. After all, who really wants to get out of the warm blanket into the shivering cold for a workout? This indeed seems like the most illogical thing to do but inactivity can be a slow killer for your body.

YES, there is some dew on the grass, it is dark, damp and cold but a little preparation and planning is all you need to make your exercise regimen.

If you have trouble getting out immediately then do some light warm up in the comfort of your home and will even get more done staying inside than stepping out.

Cold temperatures can make our bodies work harder which means you are bound to burn more calories. You can compensate for this by reducing the length of your workout sessions.

2. Consider Getting a Flu Shot:​

Getting a flu shot can reduce the risk of flu illness by almost 50 to 60% and will help reduce the severity and side effects if you ever get it. The quadrivalent medicine is a must have for people of all ages right from a 2-year-old kid to 50-year-olds.

This can help you save your body from four different viruses.

Consider getting a flu shot every year especially during the winter season as it will help your body’s immunity in warding off diseases. You can consult your local doctor and physician regarding the flu shots and get you to speed on one.

3. Stock up on Sanitizer and Wash your Hands Regularly:​

Washing your hands 5 times a day can decrease the chance of a person catching a respiratory illness by almost 45% as per a research conducted by the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego, USA.

Also carrying a sanitizer can help reduce the case of stomach bugs by 59%. This is because the use of sanitizer and rubbing them on your hands for at least 10-15 seconds helps eliminate the possibility of germs entering your body.

You can buy a small easy to go hand sanitizer and keep them in your pocket and use it accordingly.

Winters are more than likely to get people sick than any other season so make sure that you wash your hands regularly all day or if you don’t get that chance, then stock up on hand sanitizers at home and on your personal self at all times.

4. Modify your Diet as Per the Season:​

Staying healthy during winters covering all bases. For this, you also need to modify and alter your diet as per the current season. Start your day with a healthy balanced breakfast and have a different variety of foods during the day.

Warm stews and soups that includes vegetables like potato, garlic, turnips, carrots, radishes and some onions work great for lunches and dinner. You can also add ghee from cow’s milk which is readily available in departmental stores and use them in your food preparing.

This will help your body get warm from the inside. Having some porridge in the morning with some honey and blueberries will act as an energy booster to keep you going all day.

5. Take Multivitamin Supplements:​

Don’t hesitate to use multivitamin supplements during the winter season. Consuming more vitamin C during winters will help your body in battling cold and flu symptoms if you experience them.

Vitamin D supplements, on the other hand, will help supplement the lack of proper sunlight during the season but it is still advisable to get out more and get some sunlight for the body.

If you are out in the market looking for vitamins then look for one with 100% of the useful daily intake of Vitamin A, B12, C and D and also minerals like chromium, selenium, calcium, and zinc.

Word of advice. Try and make it a point to take your multivitamins with your meals that contain a little bit of fat as this will help you absorb the nutrients in a better way.

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So there we have a comprehensive combing down of the 5 essential daily habits for the winter season. All the above tips are easy to implement and doesn’t require much efforts. Happy winters.

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