How to Get Rid of Warts on Feet Overnight

Learn how to get rid of warts on feet overnight. Today I will show you the top 10 natural remedies to get rid of your warts. All wart cures work differently depending on the individual. Some of these cures will work for you overnight but some may take longer. The trick is to find the best cures that works for you.

Foot warts are just like warts that affect hand. However, foot warts are usually on the heels of your feet. Most of the individuals who do not take proper care of their feet do not realise that foot warts can be very painful. Common feet warts are not malignant and most times they develop under the foot. Unlike having warts on your hands, the feet warts are not easily visible.

Some people believe that the only way you come into contact with warts is by catching it from a toad or flog (myth(1)). However most people are usually exposed to such condition is because of their diets.

Everyone who is dealing with wart problems will usually find their way to google search for techniques that they can use to get rid of their warts.


What are warts?

Firstly warts are small, benign lesions on the skin. While harmless, these skin growths may cause embarrassment and discomfort.

There are five types of warts, these include;

  • Common warts, found mainly on the hands.
  • Plantar warts, which grow on the bottoms of the feet.
  • Periungual warts, which affect the fingernail and toenail
  • Filiform warts, which are most common in or on the nose or around the mouth.
  • Flat warts, which can appear anywhere except the soles of the feet.

A common virus called Human Papilloma Virus, abbreviated as HPV, generates warts(2). Almost everyone wil become exposed to this virus at some time. Scientists have not yet answered why some people are affected by warts, while others never contract warts at all.

These lesions appear when this virus enters the body through abrasions or cuts on the skin’s surface. HPV causes rapid skin growth in one area, resulting in the formation of a wart. Warts can appear anywhere on the body, but the most common place for warts is on the feet under the soles.

Although in some cases these warts have grown on top of the toes as well as between the toes. These can be very repulsive especially when wearing sandals. No matter where they have grown on the feet, they are exceptionally painful. This is especially true when standing or walking. Only those that have suffered this condition can understand the pain these warts cause.

Ways to Cure Plantar Warts/Feet Warts Naturally

Fortunately, there are several treatment options available. Some ways on how to remove warts easily and enjoy healthy, clear skin. Below you will the Top 10 natural ways to get rid of Warts.

1. Garlic

Garlic is a traditional remedy for many types of warts. This is a very economical method to treat warts, and it is relatively harmless if used carefully. Garlic has antiviral properties, and some people use it for this feature to remove warts naturally.

Cut a clove of garlic and rub the flat side on your warts and cover the affected area with band-aid or tape overnight and wash the affected area in the morning. Repeat this process until the warts are removed.

You should know that garlic may cause irritation and itching that is bearable. But it’s advised that you use this treatment with total caution and avoid damage on the surrounding healthy skin. If you see allergic reactions, you need to stop the treatment immediately.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another soothing remedy for any skin related problems and especially for removing warts. You can remove gel of Aloe Vera out of the plant or simply purchase a Aloe Vera gel.

Apply the aloe gel on a cotton ball and place it on the wart. You can add more gel every two or three hours, and change the cotton ball daily.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s a readily available treatment for foot warts. This treatment is best when done at night just before going to bed. Dip a cotton wool ball in the apple cider vinegar and press it in place with a strap aid, and leave it on overnight.

Change the cotton wool ball and strap aid every evening for a week. Warts may throb and turn to black within the first couple of days, as a reaction to the vinegar and after a week or two, it will completely fall off.

4. Use Essential Oils


Essential oils like Lemon balm oil, thyme oil, oregano oil, Castor oil, and Tea tree oil are but just some of the recommended oils in removing warts. These essential oils have active antiseptic and antiviral properties that are capable of getting rid of bacteria.

Apply these oils on warts and massage with your fingers on the affected area. With time, the top cover of warts will wear away and eventually disappear.

5. Vitamin C

Studies have shown that some warts react well to medications of vitamin C. crush vitamin C tablet into a powder, and add water to make a paste.

Apply this paste on the wart directly, and wrap it with a bandage while the area is still damp. Leave it that way for a day. The high acidity from the vitamin C destroys papilloma virus that causes the wart.

6. Banana Peels

Banana peel is a natural approach for treating the plantar wart.

Method; Clean the wart thoroughly this is by soaking it in water and abrading the surface with an emery beam. Apply a fresh piece of banana peel on the inner cover of the peel exposed to the wart. Press the peel in place with a bandage over the wart and leave it overnight.

In the morning, wash the area with warm water and soap and allow the wart to air dry. Replace the bandage immediately if it gets wet. This is to prevent the HPV virus from spreading in the moist conditions.

Use nail trimmers to remove brown and black parts of the wart daily. This is so that the affected part of the wart is exposed to the treatment. This method starts to work in as little as three days, and the majority of warts disappear within two weeks.

7. Potato

Potato is available anywhere, and this root crop has beneficial effects in treating warts. This treatment has been around for ages, and some people are still using it today to get rid of warts naturally.

Simply cut a fresh potato and rub it on your warts every night for a couple of days or weeks until the warts are removed. The contents in potatoes have a chemical reaction with the warts virus that eventually causes the warts to fall off.

8. Duct Tape

Many people go for effective but cheap remedies to remove feet warts. One of these effective and popular methods is the use of duct tape. It is a cheap and a less painful way to remove wart naturally.

The duct tape therapy has proven effective to some people suffering from wart outbreaks. Again, due to its availability, you can try duct tape as a treatment before turning to more aggressive treatments.

Place small pieces of duct tape on the wart and leave it on for five to six days. In case the tape falls off between this time, reapply a fresh piece.

Once the week is over, remove the tape and soak the wart in warm water, scrubbing it smoothly using a pumice stone or using an old toothbrush to shed any dead skin.

The duct tape reacts and irritates the warts causing the warts to fall off. The procedure is repeated for a few weeks or on a maximum of two months until warts fall off.

9. Make a DIY Smoke Box

The Chinese use dry leaves of the Populuseuphratica tree as their traditional remedy for “smoking” out warts and is still used today. This is a way for treating plantar warts and other warts using a smoke box filled with the smoke from leaves.

10. Basil Cure

Herb Cures
Herb Cures

Cut some fresh basil herb leaves into fine pieces or crush them. Apply on warts and wrap the area with a waterproof bandage. Repeat this procedure daily until the warts fall off.

Basil has a compound that kills the wart virus.

The remedies above will get rid of your warts in time. But if you really want to get rid of your wart overnight then watch this video. However if your not brave enough to use this method just choose a cure from the 10 cures above.

How to Prevent Plantar Warts

To prevent getting a plantar wart you should not walk barefoot when in public places, especially at school and gyms. Make a habit of changing your socks daily. They should be clean as well as washing your feet regularly and air drying them well especially between the toes.

These natural remedies for foot warts may or may not be effective for some people. The most crucial point is to find a treatment that will work for you to get rid of your warts for good. Warts if neglected and left untreated may spread to other areas of the body.


If you have warts, you do not have to endure the social embarrassment and discomfort they can cause. Plantar warts are not life-threatening, but it can be agonizing, especially if you are on your feet all day.

However, trying the simple steps covered above can be useful to diminish the pain and keep your skin wart-free. But, if the pain is intolerable, then you should seek medical advice.

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