How to Get Rid of Adult Acne [Cures That Work]

Discover How to Get Rid of Adult Acne.

One of your first steps in dealing with acne and reducing acne scars is understand what causes acne in the first place.

If you do enough research, you will see that there are all kinds of things that can aggravate your skin and ultimately lead to bumps and pimples.

These can vary from eating the wrong types of foods to having too much stress in your day to day life.


3 Tips on What Causes Acne

However, many experts agree that there are three basic things that cause acne to form on your skin and it is in your best interest to address these issues as early as possible.

1. Excessively Oily Skin

Excessively oily skin can be one of the key factors in developing acne and ultimately leading to acne scars.  The oil in your skin can build up and clog pores while also allowing your skin to trap unwanted dirt and germs.

The first thing you need to do in dealing with oily skin is to know your skin type.

If you don’t already know, simply ask your doctor to do a test. Once you have confirmed that you have oily skin, there are many products on the market that will help you to reduce it. Make sure to pick high quality products and remember that most expensive does not equate to the best quality.

2. Bacteria

Right in line with having too much oil in your skin is the buildup of bacteria.  Bacteria can obviously lead to infection of your skin and hair follicles so it is crucial that you buy an effective cleanser and use it on a daily basis.  In addition, you want to be aware of putting your hands in your face or regularly resting your face on your hands as they tend to attract the most bacteria.

3. Improper Shedding of Skin Cells

The improper shedding of skin cells can lead to blockages and infection of the hair follicle. It is normally the hair follicle that is at the core of acne problems as certain oils produced by your body travel through the follicles to the surface of your skin.

Excessive dead skin cells and excess oils often block the hair follicle and ultimately result in pimples and acne.  The proper cleansing of your skin and exfoliation can assist in lessening this problem. Consult your doctor or dermatologist for suggestions.

How to Get Rid of Your Adult Acne

 Adult Acne

Acne may develop long after a person is a teenager. It may persist even when the person is already an adult. When a person has poor skin care regimen and maintains an unhealthy lifestyle, he is likely to develop adult acne as he grows up. If you have adult acne, you are likely to be looking for ways on how to get rid of adult acne; here are some practical ways to do this:

Keep to a disciplined skin care regimen. This is done using mild soap or facial cleanser to cleanse your face and nothing else. Remove makeup as soon as you can and make sure that every bit of makeup even eye makeup is removed with a makeup remover or an astringent before you retire.

Use baking soda to remove stubborn acne and pimples. Make a baking soda paste by using two parts baking soda with one part water. Mix to create a paste and apply this on acne using small circular strokes.

You may use more water on this mixture to make a face mask.

Apply the mixture all over your face and then allow this to stand for about 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse afterwards. Baking soda has natural properties that can reduce swelling, cleanse skin and remove discoloration and imperfections. You may use this treatment once a day or twice a week to totally remove adult acne and pimples completely.

Start a healthy diet plan. A diet plan with all the important nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals is the best ways to help get rid of adult acne. You must also avoid processed foods and chemicals in foods since these are known to aggravate adult acne.

Avoiding things that can aggravate your acne is a must. Things like dust, smoke, pollution and makeup will do wonders in treating your acne. You must also avoid stress and anxiety which are known to trigger acne breakouts.

Stress relief may be done with the use of relaxation strategies, meditation, yoga and other activities. Other pastimes, hobbies and sports may also be done to reduce stress and anxiety.

Anything dirty that touches your face may potentially lead to adult acne. This is why you should avoid touching your face with dirty hands. Towels, sheets, pillow cases and handkerchiefs must all be clean to totally prevent aggravating your existing acne.

Avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight. UVB light from the sun is known to damage skin and exposing already damaged and blemished skin will only aggravate your condition. After cleaning your face very well, apply sunscreen to prevent damage from the harmful rays of the sun. Wear a hat or use an umbrella to prevent sun exposure.

Foods That Help Acne

Foods That Help Acne
Foods That Help Acne

When it comes to acne there are so many artificial and chemical solutions out there it gets unnerving. The best way to help you get rid of your blemishes is to start right at home! These Foods help in ridding yourself of acne. So next time your acne flares up keep these every day foods in mind.

A clearer face could be just a diet change away!


Water is a small, seemingly silly thing but it makes a big difference in your skins ability to fight acne. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day aids keep the body hydrated and rejuvenates your skin.

Green Tea

Green Tea is an all around detox for your entire body that aids in flushing out infections as well as restoring and brightening up your epidermis. It’s protective antioxidant(1) properties help even out your skin tone even after a bad breakout.

Whole Grains

Fiber packed and rich in selenium, whole grains aid in stopping the increased irritation that comes with acne. Instead of fine, empty carbs try choosing whole grain flours such as brown rice, coats, barley and quinoa.


These orange vegetables are good for clear skin because they’re rich in vitamin A which prevents overgrowth of the skin cells in the outer layer of skin.


Studies show many of those who suffer from acne also suffer from low stomach acid content. A probiotic like yogurt aids in normalizing this important body system which aids in controlling acne.


Nuts are rich source of vitamin E, which rejuvenates skin, protects facial tissues from minor irritations and more.


Include these in your menu as an added rich antioxidant. They rejuvenate your skin, and reduce acne eruption.


Salmon has a vast amount of omega-3. This can aid in opening up closed pores and decrease the irritation of your skin.


Cucumbers have vast amounts of water who’s benefits for cleansing are listed above. Being high in vitamin C and fiber content aids in removing puffiness, acne marks and inflammation.

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