Food Groups That Will Help Protect Your Skin From the Sun

When going to the beach with your friends, the sun is beating down on you, you forgot sunscreen and your skin is red.

You feel burnt and you just brush it off but did you know, that you can get skin cancer from the sun?

Melanoma is a skin cancer that usually starts with the darkening of a spot on your skin and can become deadly if not taken seriously.

Not only can you have skin cancer from the sun, premature aging and dehydrated skin can also be an issue. It is important to protect your skin from the harmful UV Rays given off by the sun.


How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun Naturally

When you go out into the sun, your skin should always be protected but do you hate using that nasty sunscreen, well if you do then you are in the right place because we are going to tell you how certain foods can protect your skin from the sun.

Sun exposure is not good for your skin, it can cause cancer and many sorts of problems such as premature aging if you are out in the sun too much so if you love being in the sun try some of these food tricks to protect your skin because your skin is your canvas. Once that canvas is wrecked, it is hard to put back together a broken piece of art and reverse aging and sun damage. So, why not try to prevent it!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

If you are one with nature and love the sun, fish is a great food group for you. If you are outside a lot and love to eat fish, that is a good thing. Fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are potentially lifesaving when it comes to cancers. Some studies show that people who eat a diet high in omega 3 fatty acids are less likely to get cancers because it potentially ends up killing the cells.

When people think of high omega 3 fatty acids the first thing that comes to mind is salmon. There are other foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, however, these foods can include, walnuts, flax seeds, and other fatty fish are also grouped into this category as well. Omega 3 fatty acids are very useful to your body when it comes to UV Ray protection from our sun.

Carrots and Tomatoes

carrot juice
Carrot Juice

Carrots and tomatoes are a useful food to have around the house for a quick snack, but I bet you did not know that carrots and tomatoes help protect your skin from the harmful UV Rays that the sun puts out which can cause your skin to look not so good anymore. Foods rich in beta-carotene can help prevent sunburns as well.

Now if you are not one who likes carrots or tomatoes there are other beta-carotene rich foods such as dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, squash, red and orange peppers, grapefruit, watermelon, and even guava. When it comes to beta-carotene rich foods there is a variety to choose from to protect your skin.

Dark Chocolate

Now as I’m sure you love chocolate because who doesn’t? Dark chocolate can actually help protect your skin against the harmful UV Rays put out by the sun. If you eat larger amounts of dark chocolate it is proven that blood flow to the skin is better than others, your skin density is higher, and in women, your skin is more hydrated. Who ever said chocolate wasn’t good for you? You did not hear that from us!

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are a super helpful food to have for antioxidants, but did you know these antioxidants can protect you from the sun and cancers of all types? When you eat a lot of leafy greens your body is antioxidant rich which lets your body prevent free radical damage. Which would be the damage caused by UV Rays. Your skin loves these leafy green vegetables as much as the rest of your body.


If you are a green tea drinker, it is really an advantage to you because it can help prevent melanoma and actually reverse mild sun damage to the skin if drank daily. Green tea helps fight inflammation of the skin and helps protect and keep skin in the best shape of its life with antioxidants. Plus it can help with premature aging signs such as pesky wrinkles and we do not want that.


Strawberry lovers you will be glad to know that strawberries can help protect your skin against the sun’s harmful UV Rays with their rich antioxidant packed fruit. Strawberries are rich in antioxidants which make them the perfect food for protecting you against the sun’s harmful rays.



Turmeric is also a super food when it comes to protection from the sun. Ancient Chinese used it because of the many useful things it could do because of its anti-inflammatory properties and high antioxidants. It is one of the best foods that can be consumed to help protect your skin against the harmful UV Rays of the sun. Not only will it help protect against UV rays but UB rays as well. Turmeric is considered the Superman of food when it comes to protecting your body and nourishment.


When going out in the sun it is always important to make sure your skin is well protected. Now, if you eat these foods your skin has a better chance out there on the front lines, however, it is still important that you find a safe and healthy sunscreen as well. It is important that you keep your skin protected for your future and for your health.

Shade is always the better option as opposed to direct sunlight. It will protect your skin plus it will feel more comfortable. If you want to stay looking young and feeling young then shady areas, some high antioxidant rich foods, and the proper skin protection can go a long way for you.

Not only will these foods help your skin, they will help your body feel better all together. Your body will love you and you can love your body with these foods. These foods are super high in antioxidants which will make you feel better overall. Life will seem better and you can enjoy life a little more.

Bio: Sally Mitchell began her career as a makeup artist, and after receiving a diploma in Clinical Dermatology decided to combine her passions for makeup artistry and skin care becoming a licensed beauty professional. Now she shares the latest skin care tips with readers of Lumeskin. You can also follow Sally on Twitter and Pinterest.

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