What to Expect When You Go To Rehab

When you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, one of the most effective means of treatment is rehab.

Rehab provides a place that you can cut out the negative aspects of your life and creates an environment that provides for healing.

Once you recognize the signs of your addiction, the next step is seeking help to overcome your addiction.

Here are a few things you can expect when you go into rehab for addiction


It Is, First And Foremost, A Medical Facility

Rehab is a process. Expect there to be several doctors and nurses there to help you through every stage of the process. From Midwest Institute of Addiction, “clients undergo continual medical monitoring with toxicology and blood work, psychological assessments, medication management including Suboxone and Vivitrol®, and additional ancillary services.” While you may hear them called sweat lodges, and retreats, these facilities are closer to hospitals than a resort institution.

Your Life Will Be Put Under A Microscope

Drugs and alcohol abuse tend to fill a hole in the person who uses its life. While in rehab the doctors will attempt to find out how you spend your time, what triggers may cause the drug/alcohol abuse and more. As part of the process they will want to try and find the source of the addiction and, if possible, help work through the issues which may have caused the abuse in the first place.

Get Ready To Try New Things

From hydrocodone help “Most recovery programs suggest and encourage recovering addicts to identify and pursue healthy habits that they can practice to replace past abusive habits.”

This means that as part of treatment rehab facilities will often provide activities, creative projects, sports and exercise, and any other healthy, positive activity that will help with removing the negative habits from your life. You will likely try things you have never done before and will find yourself being challenged daily.

It Is Not Magic, And It Will Require Your Effort

The reason people say recognizing addiction is one of the most critical steps is because it means that the person in question is actively examining their life.

Getting clean is a process that requires both your and your doctor’s help.

You can not go in there expecting rehab to fix your problems for you, but if you go in there with an understanding that you are the one fixing your life, and the rehab is there to help, then you will get the most out of your therapy. Positive thinking may seem like a cliche, but it and determination are the only things that can truly make a difference in your life.

While going through rehab, remember you are not alone. You deserve to be better, and you can make the positive changes in your life that you deserve. If you need help, please do not hesitate to reach out to a positive support network, and use them to aid you in your recovery.

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