Essential Oils – A Useful Treatment for Nausea

Today you will discover what Essential Oils Are A Useful Treatment for Nausea.

You will learn about the 7 best essential to help you if you suffer from nausea.

There are many ways to cure nausea, in which essential oils are considered the best remedies for nausea as well as help enhance the health.

Here are top essential oils for nausea that you should know during your sick time.


Top Essential Oils for Nausea

1. Ginger

Ginger is known as a great treatment to cure nausea and soothe an uncomfortable stomach. For pregnant women in the early pregnancy period, ginger oil is a good way to prevent nausea without bad sides for the baby. It is also used for patients who have just had abdominal surgery.

2. Lavender

If you are annoying because of nausea, then lavender essential oil can help you to treat this condition. Moreover, lavender has most effective impact for stress relief.

A small tip, for instance, if you feel nervous before having a big meeting or presentation, let’s inhale lavender. This actually works.

3. Lemon

Lemon is also considered one of the best remedies to treat nausea. Lemon owns refreshing scent, which is useful to get rid of your unsteady feelings. Scientists also said that lemon oil could help pregnant women fight nausea feeling.

4. Orange

One of the amazing essential oils for fighting nausea must be listed here is orange because of its sweet scent. It has a significant effect in reducing stress and nausea feeling. Especially, it is very flexible because it can be used with lavender, lemon, and ginger to make the best effect.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint help calm nausea effect, event it can treat headaches and menstrual cramps, which can cause vomiting. Besides, if you have just undergone surgery and you are suffering from vomiting by this, then you can try to inhale peppermint oil to lower this discomfort condition and make your recovery easier.

6. Spearmint

Not to mention in the list of natural treatment for nausea is spearmint oil. It is cheaper than other medications for fighting nausea and never has side effects; even it is safe enough to treat nausea if you are in chemotherapy period.

7. Bergamot

Like other natural remedies, Bergamot has uplifting aroma, which helps you relax all your senses. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for nausea, dizziness, and light-headedness.

Some Recommendations to Use Essential Oils for the Best Result

You can use nebulizing diffuser, which helps spread numerous of micro-particles into the air and helps you relax by getting out of nauseous feeling. The outstanding point of this device is that it doesn’t be affected by temperature or water but still keeps therapeutic features. What more, steam inhalation is also the best way to treat nausea.

This way is very simple, you just need a handkerchief, hot water with several drops of essential oils (from 3-4 drops is enough). And then, let’s dip the handkerchief into the mixture of oil and water and put over your nose and mouth. Last but not least is massage. You just need a mixture of 2-3 % essential oils and then massage on the area of back and neck.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils for Nausea

  • Do not have side effects like other synthetic drugs,
  • Especially safe for children at the age of 2-3 years old
  • Easy to use without having difficulty
  • Have affordable price than chemical treatments.
  • Help to relax, refresh your whole body, mind by give a more restful sleep.


If you are an allergic person and be asthma with some scents, you should always do a patch test first to ensure that you will do not have any allergic and asthma reaction.

We already consulted some prestigious health websites to recommend you best solutions for nausea. However, you also should refer to your doctor in order to get a piece of advice’s in some special cases.

Essential Oils For Nausea

Overall Conclusion

Nausea is a universal word to describe a feeling of illness. Most people have been experienced at least once in their lives by several different causes or even without reason. Hence, they also have their own treatments like using medications.

But with above all else, we think that you already knew how the natural remedies are useful and necessary. Moreover, when you use these natural remedies, you will feel pleasant with their scents and aromatherapy without getting annoyance like chemical treatments.


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