7 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Beauty Naturally

Today we have a interesting article from Nisa Saleem on 7 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Beauty Naturally!

Natural beauty takes us back to those days when human race lived much closer to nature.

It reminds of dew drops on the green leaves, flowing streams connecting to the rivers, lively waterfalls, birds chirping and a breeze powerful enough to blow-dry the landscape.

Indeed, the word ‘natural’ brings out the real meaning of the word ‘beauty’ by taking us one step closer to nature.


Enhance Your Beauty Naturally

The talk has been going on for ages to quit all the synthetic products and go for the natural ones. However, we face the anti-natural dilemma at the hands of beauty products and skin essentials to date. The dermatologists, although busy transforming their practices around the new value-based models for improved quality and reduced cost of care, still stress upon adopting the natural ways. MIPS meaningful use is something that will earn them incentives and may prove to be the reason behind their glowing skin.

1. Getting Enough Hydration

HydrationDrinking water affects the body in countless ways. It is a necessary component for human survival on planet Earth. All the doctors along with the nutritionists and dietitians recommend drinking litres of water a day.

But that doesn’t mean you can empty a bucket of water after eating lunch or dinner. The slower intake of water helps it getting absorbed into the system. On the contrary, drinking water in one go will only increase your bathroom visits.

If you are a coffee or alcohol drinker, you must hydrate before and after having coffee to numb down the dehydrating effect. I am used to drinking coffee in the morning. However, I challenge myself every day to drink a glass of water before I get on with my addiction. Make it a habit of starting your day with a glass of water. The human body uses water to purify the entire system of organs and blood vessels.

You will see yourself on the healthier side once you start consuming enough water. The skin brightens and the natural glow, the luminescence is back with a big bang!

2. Redeem Yourself Through Sweating

Sweating is almost similar to a car wash. When the car gets dusty, we take it out to a service station. However, when the body is down and out after a day’s work, working out breathes new life into it. Exercising regularly should be one of the permanent habits in our lives. Go for a morning run or if you are like me, a bit on the heavier side, brisk walk for at least 30 minutes every day.

When we are going through rigorous physical activity, we are sweating and getting rid of toxins.

Toxins, as the name suggests, are toxic and harmful so we should routinely flush them out of the system via sweating. Taking up a sport will keep a check on excessive physical exertion. Science proves the fact that 20% of the waste materials select perspiration as a way out of the system retaining the natural flair of the body.

Yoga, boxing, swimming, cycling or just going out for a jog will do the trick. Remember not to wear makeup before working out. When we are involved in a physically challenging activity, it results in the opening of the pores pushing out dirt particles and rejuvenating the skin. Thus, if you forget to wash your face someday, don’t be surprised to see makeup messing with your face afterward.

The release of the happy hormones, the endorphins after exercise make you happy and look amazingly beautiful. The increase in the heart rate will add color to your cheeks while keeping the heart health in check.

3. Taking a Herbal Bath

As humans, we are highly water-driven. Not only in the human structures but if we observe at a broader scale, the whole planet is 3/4th water and only 1/4th land. Taking a bath regularly cleans and rejuvenates the skin.

A warm shower relieves us from stress and fatigue.

Taking a warm bath that contains herbs gives a new meaning to it. Make sure the teapot is not hot enough to burn your skin and then step into the bathtub. By adding the following teas, your whole body can benefit from the herbs.

  • Chamomile
  • Fennel
  • Yarrow
  • Coffee
  • Echinacea

4. Getting Ample Sleep

Ample SleepSleeping is so important to achieve energetic skin. It is not called beauty sleep without reason. When we are asleep, the damaged cells repair and the new cells replace the old ones. It is nature at its best.

When you can follow the latest trends in fashion religiously, why be careless of your sleeping schedules? Maintain a healthy sleeping routine for more youthful and glowing skin. One way to achieve that is to turn off all the electronic devices before going to bed and replacing them with a lovely book.

5. Maintain a Diet Enriched with Sulfur and Zinc

Eating a nutritious diet essentially keeps the skin away from harm’s way. However, some minerals specifically beautify it.

  • Sulfur
  • Zinc

It is not a standard practice to add sulfur in nutritious items when it is the fourth most abundant mineral found in the human body. Sulfur is vital in keeping the skin soft and charming. Foods like eggs and vegetables like cabbages, broccoli and radishes are rich sources of sulfur.

Why sit back and enjoy semi-cooked broccoli when we can add Zinc to it? Zinc is another source that enhances our out appearance in the form of flawless skin. Maximize your zinc intake by consuming pumpkin, sunflower, or poppy seeds.

6. Going Out Without Makeup Once in a While

It doesn’t sound realistic, but it is good for your skin. You must give your skin a break and go out without makeup at least once in a week. If you are used to it, you must apply only mineral makeup, so the skin keeps away from toxic chemicals.

What happens when you don’t wear makeup?

It gives your skin pores a breather. They can get used to breathing fresh air every once in a while. By doing this, you move one step closer to the art of natural beauty.

7. Vitamin A is a skin-saver

Oranges and other related classifications are rich in beta-carotene. It is good for the skin. Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peaches, apricots, and carrots contain ingredients that may turn a dull skin to gleam and glisten. Vitamin A only breaks down in fat so don’t forget to eat a piece of avocado after drinking the carrot juice or spraying olive oil on chunks of sweet potato before having them.

Author Bio: Nisa Saleem currently works for www.P3Care.com as a health IT consultant. She has been writing on topics relating to health for at least 3 years. As she got farther into the world of health and fitness, she found herself addicted to it. Now writing about anything from a speedy diet plan to maintaining a healthier skin routine is what drives her every day. She hopes to improve lives of medical professionals by being a good consultant and taking the medical billing company to the next level.

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