How to get rid of dead skin on feet naturally

In this article we will explain why you get dead skin on your feet. Then we will show you 5 natural ways to eliminate that dry skin. Before we discuss “how to get rid of dead skin on feet naturally” It’s important to understand why you get dead skin / hard skin on your feet. The simplest reason and most common is your feet dry-out.


  1. Standing/walking for a long time: This goes without saying. The more pressure on your feet and the hotter your feet get the greater chance there going to dry-out.
  2. Wrong Soaps: Some soaps contain chemicals that can be harsh on your feet. This in turn will cause dead skin.
  3. The wrong shoes: For example wearing high heels will put added pressure on your heels. This can cause rubbing which will dry your skin. Also if your footwear is made of material that doesn,t breath. Your feet are more likely to sweat. Which will for sure dry-out the feet.
  4. Your Overweight: Your carrying more weight than you should. this will put extra pressure on your feet.
  5. Medical Conditions: There are some medical condition that dry your skin. This will also affect the skin on your feet.



Now that you know the cause of dry skin on your feet lets look at the natural ways to get rid of it.


The first and simplest way is to use warm/hot water. Just soak your feet for 20 minutes or so depending on the severity of dry/hard skin on the feet. Then scrub the hard skin with a knife or you can buy a pumice stone for feet. Then dry your feet and use a moisturizer or lotion. You can also use the same method when you have a bath. But this could get a bit messy in the bath.


Next Epsom salt is well understood to improve circulation around the feet. It also makes the water courser which helps remove dead skin easer. Epsom salt contains magnesium which will remove toxins from the skin. Simple add Epsom salt to warm water and follow the method above.


Now another natural remedy for your dry skin is lemon. Why you may ask. Well lemon is very acidic which makes it ideal for removing dead skin. Just add lemon juice to warm water and soak your feet for about 10 minutes. Scrub with a foot brush and your gone. The acidity in the lemon will leave your feet extra soothe.


Again vinegar like lemon is acidic, you can use the same method as above. Just don’t put too much vinegar in the water as it’s more acidic than lemon.


Another interesting way to rid yourself of dead skin on your feet is to use Mentholated Rub. This contains a lot of natural oils which can only be good for your feet.This will also help if you have fungus problems with your feet. Firstly wash and dry your feet.

Then put the mentholated rub all over your feet. Cover the feet with an old pair of socks and leave all night. Then the following morning wash and dry the feet. Repeat each night until you get the best results.


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