Conditions That Can Be Treated With Aquatic Therapy

Today you will discover the Conditions That Can Be Treated With Aquatic Therapy!

Enjoying an injury or illness-free life is one of the biggest challenges that most people face in today’s world.

No matter how much we take care of ourselves we can’t always stay away from health conditions.

So you should get ready to seek correct treatment for injuries and illnesses that are unavoidable.


Aquatic Therapy Benefits

Seeking an ideal treatment at the right time has its own advantages. It makes it easier for you to return to your normal life quickly. However, those who keep on avoiding their pain for a long period of time, end up struggling with a variety of problems. Injuries and illnesses not only make it impossible for you to concentrate on your task in the workplace, they also prevent you from taking part in your favorite activities.

Yes, when you live with the pain you experience concentration issues (which reduced your performance) sleep problems and changes in appetite etc.

On top of that, people who suffer from severe pain in their back, knee or ankle, find it utterly difficult to walk.

Dealing with pain is not a joke as you need enormous energy for that, apart from a right type of treatment. Relying on painkillers and injections is not a right way to heal body pain. It’s imperative to identify the right source of the pain to get a permanent solution for it.

Most people consult their physician to heal the problem that they are facing. And most of the times your physician end up prescribing painkillers and injections that help in subsiding the pain. Taking painkillers is okay if you are unable to bear the pain.

However, painkillers do not address the primary cause of the problem, they only offer temporary solutions.

Therefore, seeking a treatment that can address the primary source of the pain is always welcomed. Physical therapy, which is a drug-free and surgery-free treatment is considered tremendously helpful by people these days. A physical therapist uses efficacious techniques to mitigate pain as well as swelling and to heal injured muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments etc.

Aquatic therapy is one of the most frequently used pain relief technique which helps in treating a wide range of injuries and illnesses.

Aquatic Therapy is Very Good For Recovering from Following Conditions

Aquatic Therapy


Arthritis is a condition that’s very common among people aged 55 and above. It’s a problem that affects one’s joints. Yes, people struggling with this condition face enormous joint pain that makes it impossible for them to live a peaceful life. It’s important for you to understand that arthritis is not one particular disease, it’s an umbrella term that is used for describing different types of joint pain.

There are more than 100 types of arthritis, so it’s important to take treatment for them accordingly.

The most common forms of arthritis include rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA). RA is known as an autoimmune disease, which can affects joints across your body. Whereas OA is a chronic joint condition that stems from the wear and tear of cartilage, a tissue that protects bones in a joint.

One of the best ways to reduce arthritis pain is aquatic therapy. Yes, whether you are suffering from OA or RA aquatic therapy can offer enormous benefits to you. Aquatic therapy is a treatment technique during which patients have to perform flexibility and pain relief exercises underwater. These exercises are performed by the patients under the guidance of a physical therapist.

There is no denying the fact that exercises are only helpful when they are carried out correctly. If you perform any exercise in an incorrect way it won’t be able to show desirable results. So the exercises prescribed by physical therapists are performed by patients under their supervision until they learn them properly.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Whether you have undergone a hip surgery, shoulder surgery or a knee surgery aquatic therapy can prove to be very important in recovering from them. Post-surgical recovery takes a lot of time in the absence of professional help. The post-surgical rehabilitation programmes offered by physical therapy clinics include aquatic therapy and therapeutic exercises to heal pain and discomfort.

It helps patients in regaining their flexibility and muscle strength which improves their function.

During aquatic therapy, the exercises are performed by the patients in warm water which helps in improving the circulation. When you perform the exercise in warm water it helps dilate your blood vessels which play a crucial role in enhancing blood flow.

Aquatic therapy is also very good for dealing with muscle soreness that occurs due to lactic acid buildup because improved circulation helps in getting rid of the lactic acid from muscles.

It Improves Your Walking Ability

Exercises performed underwater can play a crucial role in improving your walking ability. Exercises carried out in water strengthen the muscles on your legs and back which enhances your walking ability.

According to Beyond Limits Physical Therapy, “If you are having difficulty with walking due to coordination or pain, aquatic therapy may be right for you. The ability to walk with less weight and resistance in the water can have significant improvements in one’s ability to walk.”

So if you are finding it difficult to make balance while walking go for aquatic therapy.


Aquatic therapy helps in improving the overall well-being of people with fibromyalgia. It is not a disease but a group of symptoms that create a lot of problems for the people.

According to a study published in NCBI, “Low to moderate quality evidence relative to control suggests that aquatic training is beneficial for improving wellness, symptoms, and fitness in adults with fibromyalgia.”

So, go for it if you are experiencing pain in different parts of your body along with issues like sleep problems.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulders are tremendously complicated joint systems in your body and their proper functioning is very important for your upper body mobility. An Injured shoulder can restrict the function of your hand and arm. And since your shoulders make it possible for you to undertake a host of activities it’s pivotal to treat the pain that’s affecting your routine activities.

The shoulder is made up of three very important bones which include collarbone, shoulder blade, and upper arm bone. And even a minor injury to any one of these bones can create enormous problems for you.

Therefore, whenever you start experiencing shoulder pain consult a physical therapist quickly.

Techniques like aquatic therapy can enhance the flexibility and mobility of your shoulder immensely. Whether you have injured your shoulder while playing a sport or you are experiencing the pain because of joint inflammation aquatic therapy can treat it effectively.

Low Back Pain & Knee Pain

People struggling with conditions like low back pain and knee pain can also get enormous benefits from physical therapy. Since it helps in improving muscle flexibility and improves mobility, anyone suffering from any sort of musculoskeletal condition can be benefited from aquatic therapy.

So, if you want to improve the quality of your life use the right treatment techniques like aquatic therapy to mitigate your pain.

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