7 Carrot Juice Recipes For Oral Health

Today you will discover 7 Carrot Juice Recipes For Oral Health.

Carrot is one of the most versatile and popular vegetables across the globe. These orange-colored vegetables are also available in various shades of white, yellow, red and purple.

Carotenoids are the natural antioxidants from which the carrots get their color; among which beta carotene holds the most importance.

You can eat carrots in so many ways. You can eat it raw or cook them. You can even make juices out of them with the help of the reliable carrot blender. Don’t like drinking carrot juice plain? Even I don’t. You need not worry; I have mentioned some of the carrot juice remedies below that you can refer.


But before that let me tell you the benefits that carrots have and why it’s important to include it in your everyday diet:

  • Outstanding antioxidants
  • Heals bruises and skin infections
  • Reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases
  • Carrot juice relieves constipation
  • Rich in Vitamin A, so beneficial for eye and oral health

Oral health brings up the care of mouth, which involves the gums and teeth. Taking great care of oral health helps to prevent disease in your mouth and all over your body.

7 Carrot Juice Remedies

These remedies are great in taste and easy to prepare.

1. Morning Energizer Carrot Recipe

Morning Energizer

This juice includes the use of spinach, kale, and carrots. Spinach and kale also have a great amount of vitamin A.


  • Spinach – 1 cup
  • Cucumber – 1, halved
  • Lemon – 1, halved
  • Kale – 4 stalks
  • Large carrots – 4, halved


Wash all these ingredients. Put kale and spinach in the juicer to get the juice. Add the cucumber and carrots. Squeeze some lemon in it. Blend well. Voodoo! Your Juice’s ready.

2. Carrot Citrus Juice Recipe

Carrot Citrus Juice Recipe


  • 2 oranges
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 lemon
  • Four pieces of celery stalks


Wash all these vegetables. Peel carrots and oranges off. Chop carrot into smaller pieces. Put celery stalks, carrot pieces, and oranges finely in the blender and blend them well. Add some lemon juice to the mixture.
Your drink is ready to serve. Serve chilled.

3. Vegetable Carrot Juice

Vegetable Carrot Juice


  • Carrots – 2, halved
  • Onion – ½, halved
  • Garlic – 1 clove
  • Orange – 1, halved and peeled
  • Ground turmeric – a pinch
  • Black pepper – a pinch
  • Cold water – ½ cup
  • Parsnip – 1, halved
  • Ice cubes


Wash fruits and all veggies. Put the onion, garlic, parsnip, and carrots in the blender. Add the oranges. Add some pepper, turmeric, and water. Add ice cubes and serve chilled.

4. Carrot Punch Remedy

Carrot Punch Remedy


  • Ginger root – ½ inch
  • Passion fruits – 2 (scoop the seeds out)
  • Granny Smith apple – 2
  • Large carrots – 3, halved


Add carrots in the blender. Then add ginger, passion fruits and the apples at last. Pour over some ice cubes and your chilled punch is ready.

5. Tropical Envy Remedy

Tropical Envy Remedy


  • Cucumber – 1, halved
  • Pineapple – 1 cup
  • Beetroot – 1, halved
  • Celery stalks -3 pieces
  • Ginger root – ½ inch
  • Parsley springs – 3
  • Large carrots – 5, halved


Wash the veggies and fruits. Squash out the juices of carrots, celery, pineapple, ginger root, beetroot, parsley, and cucumber by blending these fruits and veggies in the blender. Strain them.
Serve the drink with the ice cubes and enjoy!

6. Skin-Purifying Carrot Juice

Skin-Purifying Carrot Juice


  • Large carrots – 5, halved
  • Celery stalks -2 pieces
  • Lemon – ½
  • Spinach – 1 cup


Wash these veggies and start blending them. Once you’ve squeezed out the juices, add in few drops of lemon juice. Put some ice cubes and serve chilled.

7. Peachy Carrot Drink

Peachy Carrot Drink


  • Sweet potato – 4 pieces
  • Peaches – 3, halved and pitted
  • Carrots – 3, halved
  • Ginger root -1/2 inch


Wash these veggies well. Start feeding sweet potatoes first into the blender, followed by carrots, peaches and ginger root.

Strain the mixture and serve with ice.


Carrots are available in the market in almost every season, but you can store some carrots ‘just in case’. I’ll tell you how to store carrots. Do not wash carrots before storing them and tightly seal them in the plastic bag and place it in the coolest refrigerator part. Carrots if exposed to air, begins to limp. So make it air-tight without fail.

Try these recipes as they are both healthy and tasty. And let me know if you liked it or not.

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