How To Take Care of Fingers and Toes?

Today you will discover the right way to take care of fingers and Toes and why this is so important!

If you look for a healthy you, it is essential that you should take sufficient care of each part of your body.

YES, you should pay attention to your fingers and toes as well. Do you know that doctors can tell whether you are healthy or not, just by seeing your toes and nails?

So, you should take active care of these organs as well.


What Are the Typical Skin Infections Around Toenails and Fingers?

The bacterial infection that occurs in these areas is medically referred to as bacterial paronychia. When it comes to fingers, the infection is referred as a hangnail. When you take the case of the foot, it is referred to as an ingrown toenail.

The problem with this infection is that it causes pain in many individuals, while it creates inconvenience in some.

Fungal paronychia is another common issue. This problem comes with Athlete’s foot. The problem is that both the bacterial and fungal infection can affect the same toenail at the same time. When both infections are present, the bacterial infection develops slowly. But, it should be treated quickly.

How to Prevent the Infection?

Before you get into the tips for beautiful fingers and toes, you should know how to prevent infections. Here are some details to help you:

Daily Check the Areas Around Your Nail:

During the examination, do you find unusual redness? Do you feel that something is not well without any apparent reason? Do you see an increased swelling? In these cases, they can occur due to infection. In such an instance, it is better to get immediate medical attention.

Keep Your Nails Trimmed Well:

Remember that when you do not cut your nail correctly, they can affect the nearby tissues. In case of an untreated break in the skin, it can lead to an infection.

Do Not Cut Your Nails Straight Across:

You might have come across tips suggesting cutting the nails straight across. But, experts these days indicate that gently curving the ends of the nails will bring down the risk of ingrown nail development.

Tips to Take Care of Your Fingers and Toes:

Many of us face the issue of a hangnail. It is nothing, but the tiny piece of skin near the fingernail that attaches to the clothes and hurts. Even, it increases the risk of infections. Here are some tips to help:

Prevention is Essential:

You should remember to keep the skin around the nails well-moisturised. You should do this, particularly during the winter season. Further, it is better to wear rubber gloves, such that you can safeguard your fingers from dryness and irritation.

What to Do with a Hangnail?

If you have a hangnail, you should not tear it or bite it. Instead, trim it off carefully with the help of small scissors. But, before using the scissors, make sure that it is disinfected with the help of alcohol. Also, before doing this, clean the skin around the hangnail. After cutting, apply an antibiotic ointment. Make sure to repeat the application of the lotion until the area heals completely.

Keep Yourself Aware of Infections:

Regularly watch your fingers and toes for redness and heat. These are common signs of infections. If there is a swelling, it is better to book an appointment with your healthcare professional.

Try pedicure or manicure:

If you can afford, make it is a habit to visit a parlour for pedicure and manicure at least once in a month. As the spa will have a professional, your fingers and toes will get the true pampering for sure.

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