Breath Smells Like Poop [Causes and Cures]

Want to find out why your Breath Smells Like Poop then keep read to discover the cause of your problem.

Do you find your friends backing away every time you start talking to them, but you never understand why they do this?

Or do you often notice a rancid smell coming from your mouth every time you start speaking?

If this is the case, we have great news for you.


What are the main causes of a foul smell in your breath?

Although it can be embarrassing to talk to people because you are afraid that the smell will make them uncomfortable, there are some things you can do to get rid of this problem. Let us look at some of the main causes of breath smells and how you can get rid of it.

1. Oral Hygiene

Most often, the mouth problems are not the main causes of bad breath. Instead, the most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene such as not brushing your teeth. Some of the other reasons that may lead to bad breath include gun diseases, cavities, as well as ill-fitting debentures.

Also drinking a lot of alcohol, excessive smoking and eating strong foods such as onions or garlic can make your mouth to stink. Some of the other causes of bad breath include having a dry mouth, sinus, some medications, and vitamin supplements.

2. Dehydration

Drinking fluids that have a lot of caffeine, alcohol, or sugar may cause dehydration. This makes your mouth to be dry, and as a result, you may have a foul-smelling breath. There is a simple way to keep your body dehydrated and avoid dry mouth. You can simply do this by taking a lot of water after consuming these beverages. To boost saliva production, you may also try to suck sugarless candy.

3. Allergies

Allergies are also main causes of bad breath. As you probably know allergies are the main causes of a runny nose, coughing, and watery eyes. If this condition is left untreated for long, it develops to a sinus infection, sore throat, or a lung infection.

When treating the allergies, doctors advise taking antihistamine that helps in getting rid of the congestion.

This medication works by drying the mucus in the nasal passage. While doing this, you may end up with a dry mouth. As a result, your breath will have a foul smell. However, to avoid this, you simply need to hydrate yourself with a lot of water while taking these medications.

4. Sinus Infections

When you develop an infection in your respiratory systems such as a sinus infection, strep throat or other conditions such as mononucleosis, the bacteria causing these infections drip from the nasal passage onto your throat. This will lead to a foul smell in your breath. Therefore, if you find that you have these infections make sure you keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water.

5. Ketoacidosis

As mentioned earlier, most people find themselves having bad breath especially in the mornings or after a long time of inactivity. What usually happens is that when you take a long time between meals, your stomach acids turns soar and escape through the mouth.

This really makes your breath to have a bad smell.

To avoid your stomach producing a lot of acids you should spread your meals throughout the day and keep your body hydrated by taking water and plenty of other fluids. Brushing your mouth every morning and evening should also help you to get rid of the bad smell especially in mornings.

6. Stomach Disorders

You can also have bad breath because of some type of a stomach disorder. Some of the conditions that can make you to have a bad breath include Acid reflux, GERD, obstructed lower bowel(1)or ABS. Being examined by the doctor will enable him/her to prescribe the most appropriate medications that should solve the problem with ease.

It is worth noting that the doctor may have to do an endoscopy so that he can look down into the stomach to determine whether there is any digestive problem that may be causing bad breath.

7. Diabetes

People suffering from diabetes always find their breath having a foul smell(2). Remember diabetes is caused when the body does not have the ability to produce enough insulin. When this happens, the body has a hard time when it comes to metabolizing glucose. Because of this, the fatty acids kick in, to metabolize the glucose.

Although the fatty acids will help in a process there is one problem, they cause your breath to smell like poop. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and find that your breath is worsening every day, you should contact the doctor to make sure that your blood sugar is in check.

8. Upper Respiratory Infections

Bronchitis is one of the common infections that affect our lungs. When you have these underlying conditions, your lungs become irritated and when you cough, your breath has a foul smell. To get rid of this smell you can consult your doctor who will prescribe some of the mediations to take. The best thing is that once you have cleared a condition, your breath should return to normal.

9. Liver Failure

When the liver has problems in the way it functions, it can make your Breath to Smell Like Poop. It easy to distinguish this smell from the usual bad breath that is caused by stomach acid that turns sore or infections. If you notice any abrupt changes in your breath smell, you should consult your doctor immediately.

10. Kidney Failure

Additionally, when the kidneys are not functioning, as they should, the body starts to excrete toxins that are put out through the lunges. This makes you notice a urine smell when you breathe out. If you find this, you should consult a urologist immediately to take care of the problem(3).

11. Cancer

Cancer can also cause bad breath. Mouth and lung cancers can be detected by a device that checks and examines the breadth of a particular patient. When a person mouth or lungs have cancer, they produce toxins that are expelled when breathing out.

These toxins cause a bad smell in the breath. Additionally, medications used for chemotherapy can make your mouth to dry. As a result, this may cause your breath to smell bad.

12. Diet and Food

High protein diets that do not include carbs can also cause a foul smell in your breath. You should also avoid eating excessive candy, cake and other sugary foods as they cause bacterial buildup in the mouth leading to a bad smell in your breath. Some of the foodstuff that can help you in getting rid of the bad breath includes fresh fruits, raw veggies, brown bread, pasta, as well as rice.

How do I deal with a Breath that Smells Like Poop?

Once you have found the main issue that is causing the bad breath, you can deal with the issue. Below we have listed some crucial tips that may assist you in dealing with the problem finally.

Development of oral hygiene

This is probably the first thing that you should ensure. Over one hundred and seventy bacteria live in the mouth. For this reason, you need to develop a good dental hygiene.

Brush after every meal.

This will help treat any other underlying conditions to keep these bacteria in check. To help prevent this issue you should brush after every meal. Additionally, you should replace your toothbrush regularly.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

As mentioned earlier, one of the main causes of bad breath is dry mouth. To avoid this, you should keep yourself hydrated all the time. You should also avoid certain foods and beverages such as garlic, onions, alcohol, and tobacco as they contribute to having a dry mouth.

Take Care of all the Dental Issues

If you have, any dental issue you should not hesitate to visit your dentist to take care of the problem. Besides getting the gums and teeth cleaned, the dentist will also give you treatment of any other underlying dental issue that may cause the bad breath. Additionally, the dentist may also prescribe antibacterial as well as mouthwashes that may assist in getting rid of the bad breath for good(4).

Go for Regular Checkups

Sometimes it is possible to have an underlying condition that may make your breath have a bad smell. For this reason, you should visit your doctor regularly for checkups. Doing so may help the doctor to diagnose the condition before it worsens. When still working to treat the condition eating herbs like parsley and mint may assist you to cover up your bad breath


Bacteria that live on the tongue are the main causes of the bad breath. However, as you can see many other conditions can cause your breath to have a foul smell. Tackling the issue immediately will improve the quality of your life as it boosts your confidence when talking to people.

If you do not brush regularly, then start doing so and the problem will be gone after a few days. However, if you brush regularly and keep yourself hydrated but you keep getting the bad breath consult your doctor immediately who will advise the way forward.

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