Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make

Today you will learn the Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make and how to avoid them.

Ideally, weight loss plan can be a hard nut to crack before achieving it. Every weight lifting beginner has an ultimate goal to attain a well built and toned body contour they have always been yearning.

For men, they desire to maintain a lean body muscle to reveal their masculinity, their male vitality, and strength.

Unfortunately, many do not achieve their goals and end up being frustrated.


Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid


If you are wondering why you are not making any progress yet despite numerous efforts and weight lifting workouts, it could be because you just end up making some of the following common weight lifting beginner mistakes.

Inadequate Rest

Over-training and resting too little in between sets is a common mistake made by most weightlifting beginners. In essence, the mistake occurs when you get a conviction that having sessions that last for long or performing lots of the exercises for several days a week will make you build muscle and strength faster.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Note that doing this pushes your muscles to their full contraction capacity. According to clinical research, your muscles grow during intra-sets resting and not when you are at the gym. Also, remember that resting helps your muscles to heal from little nagging injuries.

Advisably, take a rest of about 2.5 to 4 minutes in between sets; establish a workout routine that incorporates intra-sets resting.

Not Using Compound Exercises

To gain muscle mass and strength, regular workouts that emphasize on compound exercises are the way to go. Unlike complementary financial years, compound exercises like deadlift, squat, push-ups, and overhead press focus on intensity and take less time to achieve superb results.

Lifting Light Weights

Most beginners are scared of lifting heavy weights; thus, they end up not lifting heavy enough to promote muscle growth. Though you should indeed use light weights when starting out your weight lifting, once you gain the correct form, you need to lift heavier weights and perform fewer reps to gain strength and push your muscles hard enough to burn fat and get lean muscles.

Always remember that heavier weights results to more muscle.

Advisably, to increase muscle mass, focus on the main compound movements like squatting, and dead lifts that weigh about 100 kg (220 lbs) mark. Also, make sure you account for resting periods at the gym; perform a set, relax, go for another set, and maximize your time.

Ineffective Exercise Forms

Notably, most beginners fail to follow straightforward and precise steps during weight lifting. Some throw around big weights since they don’t have a clue about the proper form of weight lifting exercises. Consequently, this leads to unnecessary wear and tear on body ligaments and joints besides causing body injuries and other complications.

Ineffective Exercise
Ineffective Exercise

Note that good weight lifting form allows you to lift the heavier weight without excessive body strain, thus more muscle. Primarily, focus on strength and physique will then follows. Ideally, ask help from an accredited exercise physiologist to help you determine some of the popular and exercises that will leave your body toned and well built.

Not Adding Enough Variety

Most weight losers prefer having the same sessions within hours without supplementing it with other workouts.

Note that adding enough variety of exercises help to ensure an even and a harmonious body built and strength.

Some of them use the possibility of getting injured as an excuse for not performing other weight lifts.

Improper Fuelling the Body

Diet is an essential part of our body needs; it contributes to replenishing our bodies as a source of energy and maintaining good health.

When you take too little food, the rate of metabolism reduces and your body begins to break down the muscle tissues instead of the fat deposits as the body try to generate enough energy to maintain normal body function.

To prevent this, it is highly important to consume foods high in carbohydrates and fats. That been said, consider taking whole grain carb foods and healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts.

Not Incorporating the Golo Diet Plan

Most people aspiring to lose weight ignore the golo plan and others sometimes do not know it. The critical step to an effective weight loss is employing insulin managing programs. Proper dieting while casting a blind eye to insulin management often lead to weight gain.

The Golo 30-day rescue plan mainly focuses on insulin management, healthy body nutrition and a general lifestyle plan is an effective advancement weight loss that all people need to observe. Find out more about it, by reading this Golo diet detailed review.

Setting unclear Goals

Every weight lifting beginner has a personal goal they always strive to achieve. Apparently, every goal that you make should be clear. For instance, while it is okay to state that you want to do 40 push-ups, figure out how many push-ups you can do at a particular time interval.

Advisably, you should make SMART weight lifting goals; thus, they should be specific, measurable, attainable, and time bound. As time rolls around, re-test yourself and if you attain this goal, then go ahead and set a new goal.


As a conclusion, it is important noting that depending on how you train, eat and rest, building your body muscle and maintaining a lean body can be incredibly simple or seemingly impossible. Taking into account an ideal weight lift plan that you can keep and maintain even in future is crucial.

As a beginner, you can quickly achieve your ideal body tone you have always been yearning but only by avoiding making some of these common mistakes.

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