How To Get Bigger Lips Permanently [9 Natural Way’s]

Today YOU will Discover 9 Ways to Get Bigger Lips Permanently and Naturally.

Having a beautiful face is great but having fuller and plumper lips helps you look cuter.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have full and plump lips. This makes many individuals look for various ways to make our look more beautiful.

Some of these individuals result in surgery, which is not always convenient. For instance, for lips surgery put you into the risk of complications especially if you do not know a good plastic surgeon.


How to Get Bigger Lips

Today we are going to look at some of the home remedies and natural ways that can help you get attractive lips effortlessly. Below are some homes remedies that will help you get the lips that you have always wanted.

There are various things that you can do for you to have fuller and plumper lips. The best thing about using these procedures is that you will not have to worry about medication side effects or to have to take off from work for surgery recovery. These procedures include

1. Keeping Your Lips Moisturized

Ensuring that your lips are moisturized all the time is crucial. To ensure that your lips are

Lips Moisturized
Lips Moisturized

hydrated, make use of lip balm. This does not only make the lips bigger and softer, but they are also looking fuller when compared to the dry lips. Besides, use of lip balm, using the following moisturizing products can also keep your lips hydrated.


Honey is a great moisturizer that keeps your lips hydrated. Scoop some honey using a spoon and use your fingers to massage it on your lips. Let it sink for some minutes then rinse it with cold water.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has many uses it also helps to moisturize your lips. To do this, you simply need to put a few drops of olive on your fingers and massage it on your lips. For the best results, you should ensure that you apply it before you go to bed.

Leave it overnight and wash any leftover in the morning.

When exfoliating your lips, you should make sure that you do not overdo it. Ensure that you do it no more than 2-3 times a week to prevent your lips from becoming too full or dark. Exfoliating your lips increases the blood flow, resulting in lips that have a pink or red color.

How to Go About Exfoliating the Lips

When doing this procedure, you need olive oil, coconut oil, and brown sugar. Mix these products vigorously to come up with a thin paste. Apply this paste on your lips and leave it to settle before rising off. Some of the other crucial recipes that should help you in exfoliation include coffee and lemon scrub.

When using lemon, cut a piece, squeeze the juice on a spoon, and then use your fingers to apply it on your lips. On the other hand, when using the coffee scrub, use a small bowl to mix instant coffee with water to make a paste. Using your fingers massage your lips with this mixture for about five minutes and then rinse it off. Apply lip balm, and you will have fuller and beautiful lips.

2. Cosmetics

Tongue licking
Tongue licking

You can also make use of cosmetics to enhance the size of your lips. Actually, this is the easiest way to go about getting bigger lips. The best thing about using cosmetics is that they are cheap and readily available. One of the most commonly used cosmetics is the concealer.

Below is the best procedure to apply the concealer.

  • Look for a concealer makeup that is a shade lighter than your foundation
  • Apply this concealer on your lip foundation and blend it in one way by the side of your lips edge
  • Using shimmery eyeshade, dab it in between each lip while brewing a little
  • Use plumping balm to smoothen your lips
  • Finally, use a tinted lip gloss that is light to top it off
  • This will make your lips look fuller and attractive

3. Using Lip Plumper’s

You can also make use of lip plumper to make your lips bigger. While we cannot say that this procedure is all natural, it can help you achieve bigger lips effortlessly. We like this procedure since it enhances the size of your lips without the use of lip injection, collagen, or cosmetic surgery. Besides, this procedure also helps to stimulate and condition your lips when compared to other methods.

4. Lip Exercises

Another simple way of making your lips become pouted and larger is by exercising. In fact, we consider as the safest and natural way of having bigger lips. Follow the following lips exercise to help you achieve fuller lips.

The video below shows you how to get Fuller Lips with Face Yoga!

Start by pressing the lips together while lifting them up towards the nose. While retaining them in this position, count five seconds and repeat this for 8-10 times.
Breathe deeply and puff your cheeks. Next, roll the lips into a pipe and exhale the air gradually.

Stretch your lips out and exhale strongly as you do when you blow off a candle. Let your lips relax and repeat this for 3-5 times.

5. Lip Augmentation

While the other procedures may not work, as you would want them to, lip augmentation is the best solution for you. This nonsurgical procedure assists you to improve the size of your lips. This procedure has reduced risk when it comes to allergies as well as negative reactions.

While this procedure cannot be said to be 100 percent natural, it is very effective.

The results are also permanent, so you do not need to keep working on the lips everytime you need them to look bigger. When you undergo this process, your lips will also look more natural and supple. However, this procedure is accompanied by some side effects like bruising, swelling and bumps which may last for a short period.

How to Make Lips Bigger Naturally Overnight without Makeup

Using essential oils as well as some home based ingredients, which are natural, can also help you to get plumper lips. This however, is good to note that the effects may not last as long as when using the cosmetics.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are not efficient. We are going to list some of the natural products that can help you get fuller lips that have a sensual appearance for a good couple of hours.

6. How to Make Your Lips Bigger with Cinnamon

Cinnamon Essential oil. Applying cinnamon oil on your lips is a great way to have sensual looking lips. This essential oil works by enhancing blood flow as well as stimulating the capillaries.

Cinnamon is potent and spicy in nature.

To get bigger and attractive lips, you simply need to add several drops of cinnamon to your lip balm. Apply it to your lips and massage gently. While you might feel a little burning sensation, this will disappear within a few minutes. Besides making your lips have an attractive look, it also leaves them freshly scented.

7. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is also a great essential oil that helps you to have attractive lips. This essential oil works in a similar way that the cinnamon essential oil works. The peppermint essential oil stimulated the capillaries in the lips, improving the circulation.

This makes the lips to have a pink or red color while becoming plumper. It also leaves a pleasant cooling effect. To apply it adds a few drops in a paste of petroleum jelly and use it as your lip balm.

8. Cayenne Pepper Essential Oil

This essential oil also does a great job in making your lips have an attractive look. Similar to the other essential oil, it works by stimulating the capillaries thus boosting the blood circulation. To gets the full benefits of this product, add about two drops to your lip balm, and mix it to a form of a lip-gloss.

Alternatively, you can also add ground cayenne pepper with a little water.

Rub this mixture to your lips whenever you want them to plump. The third way to make use of this product is by using a combination of raw coconut oil, cocoa butter, and two drops of cayenne pepper. Mix them properly and use it as your regular lip-gloss.

9. Facial Exercise

When we age, our faces tend to lose muscle tone. Blood circulation also reduces making us have thinner lips. Facial exercise can help in firming the muscle around our mouth. Through exercise, the capillaries distributing blood on our face and lips are stimulated which in turn boost the production of collagen which is a natural plumping substance for the lips.

Below is an in-depth description of how to perform this exercise and avoid chemicals and surgery treatment.

For the best results, you should perform the following facial exercises when you are relaxed and comfortable. Ensure that you are in a standing or sitting position while making your back is straight.

You should also be persistent and make sure that you perform them at least once a day for at least one month. Additionally, you should perform these exercise in front of the mirror. This will ensure that you are doing them properly to target the area you would want to improve.

Smile and kiss

While keeping your mouth closed, press your lips gently together and smile broadly. Count to five while holding your smile and then pucker up the lips as you are about to kiss someone. Exaggerate this process as possible by trying to make the corners of your mouth to touch. Stay in this position for about five seconds, and relax. Repeat this for about 8-10 times.

Play Saxophone

If you have ever looked at the people who play wind musical instrument, you probably have noted that they have plump lips. This is because playing these instruments helps to exercise the lips muscles.

When blowing the wind inside the saxophone, you will exercise the cheek muscles, which are part of your face. This will make you have lips that are plumper. The exercises also assist in minimizing the hollow cheeks and marionette lines, which also develops as you age.

Lip Circles

To perform this exercise, you need to close your mouth and pucker your lips slightly while moving your lips to the right. Hold the lips in this position and then try to move them in such a way that they form a figure 8. Start by doing so in one way, then in the opposite direction. Do this repeatedly for about ten times.

Press your Lips with Resistance

This exercise involves pressing your lips together to that you can make a straight line. While in this position, try to imagine that something is trying to open your mouth.

Use imaginary force to keep your mouth closed.

To avoid many wrinkles forming in this position, place your finger in one corner of your mouth and exert more pressure. Count to ten while in this position relax and then repeat for about 8-10 times.


We can all agree that the lips are the most attractive feature on our face. When they are correctly shaped and sized, they become even more appealing. However, it is unfortunate that not all our lips look, as we would want them to.

Luckily, with this guide, it is easy to beautify the lips to fit your preference and desire. Making use of any of these tips helps you to have plump lips easily, using a combination yields even better results. Using this guide you should now know How To Get Bigger Lips Permanently.

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