Beware These 3 Overlooked Ordinary Hazards That Can Sabotage Your Health

Health and wellness, for the most part, both revolve around eating fruits and veggies every day.

However, there are definitely factors besides diet that affect your body and your well-being.

You can take more control over those than you think.

Outlined below are just three of many ordinary hazards that can harm your health and how you can deal with them.


Wearing High Heels

You may not know it, but wearing high heeled shoes on a regular basis can actually cause chronic foot and back problems. You may even have pain in your knees due to the high heels. However, you can easily remedy this problem by never wearing shoes with a heel bigger than one inch and by embracing comfortable sneakers or other shoes with a supportive arch. If you know you’ll be walking around a lot on a particular day, be sure to wear shoes with a lower heel or no heel at all. Your toes, feet, knees, hips, and back will thank you.


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Dirty Air in Your Home

Depending on the air quality, the climate, and the fauna of the area where you live, there may be a host of dusts, allergens, and pathogens in the air of your home. This could lead to health problems for you and anyone else you live with. These problems could range from mild sniffles to consistent allergy symptoms to illness to outright asthmatic attacks. The best methods for alleviating problems with dust and pollutants is to clean your home thoroughly and often. If necessary, invest in equipment that will assist in that, such as air purifiers, air humidifiers, or central vacuum systems.


Wearing The Same Contact Lenses for Too Long

Many adults don’t realize that sleeping in their contact lenses or wearing them for over 12 hours each day can actually cause some serious health complications. Believe it or not, your eyes actually need oxygen, and if they don’t get it, the consequences can get very unpleasant. Wearing contact lenses for too long leads to dangerous infections, abnormal vessel growth, and even ulcers—all of which can permanently damage your vision. Next time you get home after a long day, remember to give your eyes a break, too, and take off your contacts.

If you remember these mistakes and take steps to avoid them, then you will be choosing to proactively protect your body and your health.

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