10 Secrets to Better Memory

Today we have a interesting guest post by Luke from Nootrina.com a Nootropics website.

In which you will discover 10 Secrets to Better Memory and More Cognitive Performance.

Your brain is your mind palace – the place that houses all your thoughts, opinions, ideas and imagination.

Now, imagine having so many different things residing in the same spot, it’s only natural that things can get a bit chaotic sometimes.


10 Secrets to Better Memory and More Cognitive Performance

cognitive abilities
Cognitive Abilities

This chaos is what we call stress; the main reason why some of us shut down mentally sometimes and find it hard to get it together.

This can cause problems with logical reasoning, the capacity to multi-task and also cause absent-mindedness and forgetfulness.

Over the years, these cognitive dysfunctions have become more and more common, causing worry to a lot of people. Even children suffer from cognitive inabilities which eventually affects their performance academically.

Where there is a problem, there is also a solution! So, let’s look at these 10 secrets to deal with forgetfulness and other cognitive malfunctions:

1. Always Stay Calm

When you are in a relaxed state of mind, it’s always easier for you to come up with a solution and deal with contingency in a better way. A worried or worked up state of mind can cause you to make hasty decisions and regret them later on. So, however bad the situation might be, you need to find a way to stay calm!

2. Write Things Down

If you know that there’s something you’re bound to forget or a task you might just not remember to carry out, write it down. It could be in a book or a note or even on your phone, but make sure you write it down. Writing things down works like imprinting a thought into your mind, making sure it stays in the back of your mind at all times.

3. Listen to Music

Believe it or not, music has the power to elevate your mood and subsequently help your brain function better too. A lot of times experts recommend that people suffering from insomnia listen to calming music, and it works wonders. Even children who find it difficult to concentrate are asked to listen to happy music just to elevate their mood and help them think clearer.

4. Get Sufficient Rest

If your sleep timings are uncoordinated and you aren’t giving importance to how much rest you’re getting, there’s a high chance that that is the main reason behind your forgetfulness.

The brain requires a good amount of rest to be able to function properly on a daily basis.

Which is why experts suggest at least 7 hours of continuous, undisturbed sleep for a working adult to have a healthy mind and body.

5. Give a Chance to Nootropics

These wonder drugs called Nootropics have only recently been discovered and tested by people who have issues with mental abilities. Be it memory problems or issues like irritability and restlessness, there are different drugs that can help you deal with it and have little to no side-effects. For individuals who are not already in any other form of medication for the brain, Nootropics are definitely worth a shot.

6. Exercising Regularly

Lazy and lethargic people are not so productive because their mind is essentially falling asleep and is incapable of quick thinking and logical responses. Lack of physical activity is not just bad for the body but also for the health of the mind. It leads to dull cognitive function, which eventually leads to having a bad memory as well. This is why exercising at least for a short while every day can make a big difference!

7. Read a Lot

Did you know that reading and analyzing things is one of the best brain exercises ever? When you read you’re using multiple parts of your brain, giving your mind a good workout. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, comics or even the newspaper, reading is very beneficial for the brain and will help you get quicker and sharper as you do it more regularly.

8. Eat well, Eat Right

If your food habits are erratic and careless, you’re essentially feeding junk to your body that has absolutely no nutrition value. A good meal with healthy food is so important, especially since it’s the best, most natural way to supplement the body and mind with all the essential nutrients and vitamins. Healthy eating can almost instantly make you feel more rejuvenated and replenished.

9. Take a Break

Routine and schedules are important, and so are your priorities at work and at home, but there are times when you feel overwhelmed with too much on your plate.

This is when you need to pause, breathe, and take a break.

This break could be anything; A holiday, a short trip to your favorite place, maybe go for a nice meal or a concert, the whole idea here is to do something that you don’t do as a chore, and give your mind that space to breathe and just relax.

10. Learn a New Skill

The more you train your brain to think outside the box and try new things, the better your cognitive functions get. Things like learning a new language, taking up a new habit or learning about a different culture are all interesting ways to develop your thinking capacity and keep expanding the cognitive horizons of your mind.


Your mind palace deserve a little tweak now and then so that you can make the most of it and not have to deal with any malfunctions!

Author Bio: Luke writes about mental wellness and benefits of brain supplements at nootrina. He’s a big fan of Yoga and mindfulness and feels that these two are the real key to mental well-being. Being a foodie, Luke loves cooking and brings several cuisines to bear at his dinner table. He’s looking to improve the awareness about mental health issues and share ways to handle them among people of all ages.

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