Benefits of Coffee Scrub for Stretch Marks

Learn the Benefits of coffee scrub for stretch marks.

Stretch marks are types of scars that appear on the middle layer of the skin(dermis) due to a rapid skin growth change.

This may be because of weight loss, weight gain, or pregnancy causing the tissues under the skin to stretch and tear.

The production of collagen, which strengthens the skin, is interrupted.Many people struggle with the dilemma of stretch marks that seems hard to be removed by the use of topical and laser treatment only.


They end up feeling self-conscious and hiding their bodies. The best way of treating stretch mark is natural way using a DIY scrub.

Coffee Scrub for Stretch Marks

The DIY scrub has brought significant change as it penetrates into the tissues beneath the skin and above all, it is a homemade remedy. It is a better option as much as effectiveness and safety are concerned.The DIY scrub has two simple but important ingredients. These ingredients are ground coffee and olive oil. Ground coffee can be that one which is packed or the coffee grounds that are in the coffee machine.

When caffeine is applied on the skin directly, it stimulates the circulation and the flow of blood. This is very helpful for cell regeneration. The texture of ground coffee is an exfoliate which gets rid of loose skin and dead cells. This gives an opportunity to new skin cells to receive moisture from olive oil.

Olive oil protects, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin. It penetrates into the other skin layers to work on them. Since the stretch marks are on the middle layer of the skin, the olive oil has to penetrate to where the actual damage

How to use this scrub

• Clean the skin before applying the scrub for great results. If the coffee grounds are from the package, you have to moisten them first warm water, but if you are using coffee grounds from the coffee machine, you are ready to go.

• Mix this coffee with olive oil to give you a paste like consistency. This paste when placed on the skin, it should stay for some time.

• Rub the paste gently on the affected part of the skin and the stretch mark. The size of the stretch marks will determine the way you will apply the paste. You should rub for three to five minutes.

• The paste once applied, should be left for about twenty minutes to penetrate.

• After twenty minutes are over, use a dump and soft cloth and wipe away the paste from the skin.

• Apply natural moisturizer like African Shea butter on the area for two to three times the whole day. The natural moisturizer will treat the stretch marks, repair damaged skin, and stimulate the growth of the cell.

• The scrub should be applied once every day until the difference is noted in the affected area. Depending on how deep and big the stretch marks are, and also the difference on peoples’ skins, the fading will differ. Some may take longer while the fading may take a shorter period. So be patient.

• The scrub should be put in an air tight container if you do not scrub daily. It should be used at a room temperature.

Top Benefits of coffee scrub for stretch marks

Top Benefits

1. The caffeine in the coffee scrubs stimulates the flow of the blood. The coffee scrubs gives the skin an even tone and helps to hide the appearances of the cellulite around the legs and arms even though the cellulite disappears temporarily.

2. The coffee scrub is great on rough and hard skin as it softens such skin conditions

3. The coffee scrub fights aging as it assists in delaying the wrinkles appearance and skin sagging which are usually the signs of aging. The oil in coffee scrub helps the connective tissues stay strong.

4. The coffee scrub also assists in fighting degenerative diseases and premature aging as it contains antioxidant properties. The natural antioxidants are released when coffee body scrub is used for a deep cleanse.

5. Coffee scrub assists to exfoliate your skin. Coffee scrub soap is a natural exfoliate which is effective. Through exfoliation, the worn out and dead cells are removed, and new cells are created.

6. The antioxidants properties in coffee scrub soaps protect the skin. Coffee can prevent free radicals(1) that cause early aging. The caffeine in the natural coffee soap can also prevent the sun UV damage on the skin.

7. The caffeine in the coffee scrub increases the production of collagen.

8. Coffee scrub tightens the loose skin, and it also makes the skin lovely and younger.


Stretch marks should not worry you anymore. If you are unable to make this homemade coffee scrub, there a lot of them available in the market that you can purchase. However, you should ask your doctor on these products before you make or buy.

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