Acid Reflux Causes And Relief

Let’s Discuss Some Acid Reflux Causes And Relief

Are you curious to know the causes of acid reflux?

Well, your efforts to satisfy your curiosity will prove to be beneficial only if you utilize the knowledge.

Yes, mere knowledge of the acid reflux causes would do no good unto you unless you practically implement the knowledge.


Causes of Acid Reflux

However, if you are curious to know about the causes of acid reflux, you have already taken the first step towards eliminating this disease. It is essential to know the acid reflux causes. How can you fight the enemy unless you know what that is? In the paragraphs below, you can understand various acid reflux causes and put forth due efforts to counter these causes:

Hiatus Hernia:

Hiatus Hernia or faulty valve cause acid reflux. The prescription medicines are available all in the drug stores and one can easily buy them. Yes, in case of strangulated esophagus, one may have to consider for surgery. However, this happens only in rare cases.

Pregnancy and Obesity:

The pregnant women face the GERD issue due to the extra pressure in their stomach. However, this would get over once the pregnancy period is over. Obesity is another cause of acid reflux. A person suffering from obesity needs to overcome it from getting relief from acid reflux. Following the GERD Diet can really prove to be beneficial.

Certain medications:

The people undergoing certain medications may suffer from acid reflux. Consulting the concerned physician is advisable in this case.


Certain food items are notorious as acid reflux causes. The citric fruits, fatty & spicy foods, carbonated drinks, chocolate & caffeinated products, dairy products, foods spiced with garlic and onion etc cause acid reflux.

Smoking and Alcohol:

Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking cause acid reflux. You can take medicines or use home remedies for acid reflux relief. However, you will not be able to eliminate it unless you stop consuming alcohol or quit smoking.

Some Amazing But True Facts for you!

Again, there are many people who think that acid reflux is caused due to excess acid in the stomach.

BUT, it is not true at all. This problem is simply caused due to lack of gastric juice present in our stomach.

Basically, GERD and heartburn occurs when the acid present in the stomach simply splashes back in the organ called esophagus.

Doctors usually prescribe medicines that can reduce the acid. But practically, it is not the right way to treat these health problems. In fact, if there is lack of acid in the stomach then it will make the process of digestion difficult.

Spicy food is not the only reason for this problem. There are many other reasons which can trigger this issue. You would be surprised to know the fact that the type of spicy foods which can indeed trigger acid reflux differ from one individual to another.

So, you need to do the trial and error method in order to find out which spicy food is unsuitable for you.

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