5 Low-Cost Medical Solutions For Diabetics

Individuals with diabetes are well aware of the challenge that exists with balancing long-term management of the disease and managing the increasing cost of diabetes care.

And due to the current medical industry.

The cost of insulin and other medical supplies associated with diabetes will likely continue to rise.

However, there are solutions available for people with diabetes to lessen the financial impact of their illness.


Buy in Bulk

Supplies like syringes, lancets, and test strips can be purchased in bulk from many suppliers. You could also buy insulin and other diabetes medications in bulk. However, savings are not as substantial. It is essential when making purchases from third-party sellers to make sure products are not counterfeit. Always check the expiration dates on medicine containers when purchasing these products.

Sales and Coupons

Local drug stores and pharmacies sometimes offer great deals to customers. Diabetic customers should pay close attention to store flyers. They should also ask if the store periodically publishes magazines or newsletters that include coupons or other discounts.

Customers with diabetes should shop at different stores to determine which has the best current deals for products. Make sure to keep a close eye on large department stores for their prices on store-brand and generic products. You can also check out online services that collect online codes and discounts to help you find the best deals.

Compare Insulin Types

Low-cost insulin can be a way to save money. There are more types of insulin available for people of both types of diabetes today than ever in the history of the disease. The difference in price from one kind of insulin to another can be substantial.

For instance, human insulin can be a much less expensive option than analogue or synthetic insulin. New advances are coming out all the time. For example, Toujeo insulin (or insulin glargine) is a new, low-cost diabetic medication available to individuals struggling with other forms of insulin or who need supplemental insulin as well as the insulin they use frequently.

Diabetic patients should try cheaper types of insulin to determine if a more affordable option exists that fits their medical needs.

Prescription Assistance

Most, if not all, drug manufacturers offer some form of prescription assistance to help cash-strapped customers better afford the medications they need. Individuals can check the availability of these programs on the websites of the companies that supply their diabetic drugs and supplies. Consulting a healthcare provider can also help with getting information about applying for prescription assistance programs.

Discard Specialty ‘Diabetic’ Foods

Balanced meals with whole, fresh foods are a diabetic’s best option to manage the disease. It is also a great way to remain on budget. Unfortunately, the many convenience foods that target individuals who have diabetes with promises of sugar-free or low carb options are still processed and as such aren’t a healthy option. These foods often have little to no nutritional value and are of no benefit to the health of the diabetic consumer. They are also more expensive than the cost of preparing one’s own meals.

Diabetes management can be a strain on the financial health of individuals living with the disease. However, individuals with a carefully, thought-out plan can minimize the costs associated with managing their diabetes care. The five tips above is a great place to start for individuals in need of medical solutions to lower the cost of diabetic medicines and supplies.

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