5 Healing Herbs [Should Always Have in Your Pantry]

Discover the best 5 Healing Herbs that You Should Always Have in Your Pantry!

Anyone who loves food knows that herbs and spices are what makes or breaks a dish.

By choosing the right ingredients to add for an extra kick of flavor, you can turn any boring meal into a fine dining experience in no time at all.

But these meal companions do much more than that.


The Healthiest Herbs

Most herbs and spices have amazing health benefits that we can all benefit from by just adding them to the foods we consume daily. However, it’s important to choose ones that have been processed as little as possible. They are best freshly picked, but if you must go for dried ones, make sure that’s all that has been done to them.

With a little knowledge, your spice rack can turn into your own organic medicine cabinet. Here are the five healing herbs that you should always have in your pantry for medical and culinary purposes alike.

1.  Basil


Basil is most heavily used in Italian cuisine, being a central ingredient of many dishes from that region. It’s a delicious addition to any sauce or salad due to its citrusy and earthy flavor that rejuvenates any meal. However, this nifty little herb also has amazing health benefits, such as being able to cure various aches. In fact, basil is one of the best earache natural remedies for adults.

This is due to its rich eugenol content, an anti-inflammatory substance that helps relieve pain. To achieve its full benefits, crush a few basil leaves and extract their juice. Then, using a dripper, pour two drops in the ear that is infected. This will relieve the pain and help calm the symptoms of otitis you are experiencing. In case of other issues, such as a headache or muscle pain, add a couple of basil leaves to your meal.

2. Dill

Dill Herb
Dill Herb

You most likely know all about which are the best foods to add dill into for an extra kick, seeing as it’s quite a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the world. But did you know that it can work wonders for your health as well?

Dill has powerful diuretic properties, which sustain bladder and kidney health, as well as help rid our bodies of toxins. Furthermore, dill has anti-inflammatory properties, so next time you’re cooking salmon or chicken you might want to do both your well-being and taste buds a favor and throw this tasty and beneficial herb in the mix.

3. Mint

Mint is one of the few herbs that go great with both savory and sweet dishes. Its sweet and cooling flavor pairs just as beautifully with meat dishes as it does with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream.

But it is yet another household name with notoriously amazing health benefits. Not only does it contain an abundance of antioxidants, but it also helps alleviate an upset stomach. If you’re experiencing digestive issues such as cramps, vomiting, or even diarrhea, a few cups of unsweetened mint tea are an amazing natural remedy.

4. Rosemary


Rosemary is a great addition to give extra flavor to vegetables such as carrots or potatoes prior to roasting. Furthermore, studies show that a hefty rosemary marinade keeps meats and poultry from spoiling and even helps with making the subsequent cooking process healthier. This happens due to rosmarinic acid, a special antioxidant compound that can be found in this herb which carries its name, as well as others such as sage and thyme.

But rosemary also has beneficial effects on the human brain, specifically in the department of memory. Not only does it enhance focus, but it also helps promote strong memory and alertness in people who come in contact with it. Although studies performed in this field used rosemary oil as a stimulant, adding it to your food is also highly beneficial.

5. Parsley

If there’s something we can all learn from our grandmas when it comes to cooking, it’s the fact that parsley is the master herb to rule them all. It makes a great background note to compliment any type of meat, but it can also add flavor to side-dishes and salads.

This popular herb is also full of vitamins, such as vitamin K which promotes bone and menstrual  health, and vitamin C which protects our body from free radical damage and oxidative stress. On top of that, it is a very effective cure for kidney stones.


Even if some of the herbs on this list aren’t your first choice when it comes to cooking, you might want to start considering adding them to your food to improve your well-being. And if that’s off limits, then at least use a few homemade remedies based on them. Sometimes, the organic cure is the best cure you can get.

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