4 Solutions to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

The sad reality is that many people suffer from insomnia and poor sleep quality.

Healthy sleep habits can improve your life in a number of ways and can even prevent illnesses such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

When you have healthy sleeping patterns, you will also feel much more alert and will be able to perform better during the day.

Below are four solutions to help improve the quality of your sleep and get your sleeping patterns back on track.


Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine can all act as stimulants and keep you awake. Consuming coffee, tea, chocolate, and soda before going to sleep is almost certain to interfere with your sleep quality. In addition, alcohol and cigarettes can also make it harder to fall asleep. It is best to limit your consumption of these chemicals and to avoid them completely in the hours before you need to go to sleep.

Drown Out Unwanted Noise

Noise can be the reason many people have trouble sleeping. Turning your bedroom into a calm and quiet environment can help promote sleep and relaxation. Use earplugs if you sleep in a noisy environment, and block out unwanted light with eye masks, heavy curtains, and blackout shades.

A dark and quiet room cues your brain into sleep mode, while noise and light tell your brain to wake up. It is also a good idea to avoid using computers, televisions, and other electronics before bed, as these can encourage your brain to stay active and awake.

Get a Mouth Guard

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Snoring is a problem for many people that suffer from poor quality of sleep.It can also affect your partner’s quality of sleep if they sleep in the same bed. Oral devices can be used to curb snoring and help you get a good night’s rest.

These mouthpieces stabilize your jaw and push it slightly forward, which allows more air to escape. They also depress your tongue and soft palate tissue to ensure that they don’t block your airways, either. When fitted correctly, mouth guards to stop snoring can be a very effective way to open your air passageway, which allows for better breathing. Most mouthpieces must be fitted by a dentist to ensure that appropriate force is being placed on the jaw and teeth.

Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

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Going to sleep and waking up at the same time everyday establishes a routine and sets the internal clock in your body. It is best to develop a consistent sleep schedule and to stick with it, even on weekends. The longer you maintain a regular sleeping schedule, the easier it will be to fall and stay asleep.


Sleep hygiene is important and can impact your life in many ways. A good night’s sleep prepares you for your daily activities and keeps you functioning at optimal levels. Do your body and your well-being a favor by establishing these healthy sleeping habits (and others) to get the rest you deserve.

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